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update to academy information

the following edits have been made to BJ's info about the academy:

under the introduction:
All diplomas are of equal value, and there are no differing levels of education. Studying and graduating from a subject will gain a student one diploma. A student cannot hold more than one diploma/qualification in the same subject.

a new section, 'how it works', has also been added:
If you are already an unqualified professional (i.e. your character was joined with an acknowledged skill in any of the subjects taught, e.g. they were a doctor or lawyer on Earth) then they can "fast-track" through the academy with very little training and graduate quickly.

For everyone else, graduating from the academy takes time and dedication. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to graduate, depending on the activity and ability of the student.

If teachers are NPCs, then it's up to you how lessons work. You're not expected to have to thread your student and your NPC teacher yourself, but you should do a few posts with your student learning. You can also reference your student's studies in normal posts, and even ask players of known skilled characters OOC (e.g., the player of the king for a political student) if your character can spend the occasional lesson, module or work experience placement with them.

If your teacher is an NPC, you will need to check with an admin before you can graduate. To make this easier on the admins, please indicate where any posts referencing your student's studies can be found.

please be aware that our first academy graduate, fael, was an exception (in terms of speed of graduating/amount of work put in) as he was already an unqualified professional. we don't really recommend that unqualified professionals attend the academy, as they don't really gain anything. ordinary students need time and dedication to their learning in order to graduation.

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