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mature content: a reminder

hey guys :)

I'm mostly posting this for the newbies who will have missed the previous notices on this matter. No one is in trouble or anything xD

This is copy and pasted from our rules page.

Shaman is a child-friendly game and has some users as young as 12. Swearing, sex references, violence and the like are permitted, but all players are required to put a warning at the start of their post with details of any offensive themes their post may contain. This warning does not have to go in the subject line and should be positioned at the top of the post, before your in-character writing starts. Outright pornographic posts and animal sex posts are prohibited. These warnings should be polite and friendly; "if you don't like it, don't read it" is unnecessary and can be considered rude.

Thank you all for your understanding. Don't panic if you forget (I do quite regularly, oops) but if you are reminded by an admin or another player, do make sure you go back and put it in!

Thank you all,
Merlin xxx

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