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upcoming switchover

a few notes on the upcoming switchover.

firstly, p1 of the plots will be posted tonight as soon as merlin gets home and proofs it (which should be in like, an hour tops).

secondly, i'm lazy and i've decided i don't want to make two sets of spotlights, so i'm holding off announcing spotlights until the 12th. haven't forgotten them, dw.

thirdly, for any newbies who have not experienced a shaman switchover before... it's a blast. check back on this board every day for a new chapter in the plots. we've got a 9 day countdown, so one chapter will be released every day for 9 days. on the 10th day, the 12th of june, we will release the final chapter and switch the site to the new version in one hooooge event. there's normally a party in cbox while this is happening and it usually occurs in the evening london time, so please do come and join us!

now is a good time to check your bookmarks. if you have the following link bookmarked -

^ or any other link with /versionten/, you will not see the switchover when it happens. we highly recommend you bookmark our index page, www.shamanrpg.com. alternatively on the 12th, just visit www.shamanrpg.com to enter the new site, and you can save the new homepage to your bookmarks.

if you have any questions or concerns about the new version, please feel free to contact me on the chat board or at georgia@shamanrpg.com :)

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