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big news & another survey (sorry)

right so.

our database is currently hosted by yourwebapps. i think you're all aware of the issues we've had with ywa in the last year or so in terms of representing the database visually. in order for it to be legible, we have to have those annoying yellow blocks.

today i tried to prepare for the switchover by setting up our test db on the new layout, and it nearly brought me to tears. about a year back ywa changed the way their dbs are edited to make it more restrictive and more difficult to use. it completely broke our new layout and looked like crap, and i'm not css proficient enough to know how to fix it. ywa's guides didn't help one iota.

i've been looking at db alternatives for a while, and have been pretty adamant that i would build my own php mysql db from scratch by myself. i still intend to do that, but the reality is that i won't be able to for at least a year, more likely 2-3 years. i won't have time to dedicate to learning php, because i'll be too busy training and settling into my new job. today i looked at an alternative db provider who hosts our mothersite's database here, called baseportal. i just went in and set up a new db and was blown away by how easy it was to use, and how it instantly worked on our new layout.

brief discussion amongst admins and we have decided that we will be switching db hosts. this involves transferring all database records across manually. we hope to have this done before the switchover so you guys won't even notice a difference.

obviously this is a unique opportunity to make large-scale edits to the database. we can add new data or change things around. we brainstormed some ideas and created a new survey to see what you guys think about them.

please feel free to click around the hoof prince database model above to get a feel for baseportal.

click here to take the survey.


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