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welcome to version 11!

Hello and welcome, at long last, to version 11! It's been a long time coming, but I hope it's been worth the wait.

There are quite a lot of new features/changes this version, so sit back and get comfy while I talk you through it.

Administrative changes
Sadly, our beloved Quil has decided to step down for now as an admin/owner, as she is too busy with real life right now to dedicate as much time as she would like to the game. We all wish Quil the best with her life and hope that she will return as an admin at some point in the near future!

Merlin and Georgia are now the two equal admins and only staff members on the game. We're going to see how we do with just the two of us, but we may need to take on a moderator or two to help out. If you're interested in being a staff member, please let either of us know.

Major plot: the rune stones
This is easily the most game-changing, interactive plot since v5. All magical powers have temporarily been knocked out for the duration of this version. This is not permanent - you will all get your magic back in v12. Level and magical powers cannot be used throughout this version. That goes for everyone - deities too. Characters with wings and other physical traits will still have them, but they won't have any magical properties.

Familiars will still be able to talk, but fairies and familiars have lost their telepathic/empathic link. Magical items (such as telepotions) still work.

You will still be able to gain doubloons, powers, points, coins etc throughout this version, but you won't be able to use any new magic you acquire until next version. If you level up during this version and acquire wings, you will be able to have them (likewise with any physical non-magical traits you want to give your character with coins). However, for most contests/etc, rune stones and combination parchments will be the main prizes instead of the traditional one.

Rune stones and combination parchments are 100% IC items, so your character can do what they like with them. If you want to donate them straight to Epitome Oasis (where they can be used to put powers into play), you can just post on the updates board and the party in control of the oasis will be able to use them immediately. However, your characters can hoard, sell, steal, trade, or do anything else they like with rune stones and combination parchments. These items have become the most valuable things in Shaman, so beware - power-hungry fairies would slit your throat in cold blood just to get hold of them, and the castle are paying out good money for them.

Powers can only be put into play in Epitome Oasis. A maximum of 5 powers can be in play at any one time. "Powers in play" are powers which everyone on the game can use. Control of powers in play is unequal; characters with previous experience with those powers have better control, so it's in everyone's interests to put powers into play that they would have otherwise. For example, if Joey had telepathy before v11, Joey would be able to control telepathy as a power in play better than, say, fire manipulation. Whoever controls Epitome Oasis controls which powers are in play, but anyone can collect the right combination of rune stones, sneak into the oasis and put a new power into play.

To put a new power into play, simply make an IC post in Epitome Oasis with "new power" somewhere in the subject. To remove a power from play, do the same, but put "remove power" in the subject. The IC method of putting a power into play is to put the correct combination of stones together and draw a circle in the dirt around them. The IC method of removing a power from play is to break the circle or remove a stone from it. If there are already 5 powers in play, one most be removed before a new one can be added.

When a new power is put into play, every character on Shaman can simultaneously feel it.

Rune stones can be reused if they are not currently being used, but a single stone cannot be used to for two powers at one time. So if I had 1 kinetic stone, 1 water stone and 1 fire stone, I would only be able to put fire manipulation OR water manipulation into play, not both at the same time. If I gained a second kinetic stone, I could put both into play.

The ancient creature
The ancient creature is now in Shaman and is a fully usable NPC. You can use it in your posts to harass your characters if you like, or try to battle it with the powers in play. The ancient creature has a power over words, so it is omniscient and omnipotent relating to all words, spoken, written or thought.

The overall game goal is to find the 'right' combination of powers in play which everyone on Shaman can use to eventually overpower and defeat the ancient creature together.

Collapsed boards
The following boards have been deleted.

- Adtracker: changes to rewards for advertising will be implemented soon, but for now the Adtracker has gone.
- Writing Workshop.
- Your Stories.
- Trading Post: see 'Shops' for more information on how you can trade/sell items now. Basically you can trade with other players on Chat, or with the Ragman/Collector on Updates.
- Odd Jobs.
- Workout Planner.
- The Starground.

All will be accessible via "Deleted Content" under "Help".

New features
This version we focused more on cleaning up than adding new stuff, but there's a few things to take note of.

Thank you to Fennic for writing our new beginners' guide! It has replaced the one-stop guide and is located under 'Adhere'. At the bottom of the beginners' guide is the list of "ways to get stuff" which I wrote a while ago and showed you all on chat. The same list can also be found as a reference guide in the footer on the updates board.

The join board has been majorly cleaned up and moved around. There's now a new "essentials" form, and optional extras you can add on when joining new characters. There's also a pop-up link with help filling the form out. Can you tell we're trying to be more newbie-friendly? :p

Activity contest
The activity contest is back! You know what that means?! Get stuff JUST FOR POSTING!

We're returning to what I regard as the best method of measuring posts: by counting llamas.

'Tis very simple. For every 100 words you write and post in character, you earn 1 llama. So if you write an 800 word post you get 8 llamas; if you write 8x 100 word posts, you get 8 llamas. If you write 1x 550 word post and 2x 450 word posts, you get 14 llamas. Easy, no?

You can collect and keep records of your llamas wherever you like, but we recommend using the HTML testing board to keep the chat board clean. When you come to turn in your llamas, you will need links, word counts and llamas counts for all your posts, so best to keep a tally of them as you go.

The activity contest will run until 31st of July, so for 7 weeks. On 1st August you will need to turn your llamas in. When you turn them in, you can trade them up for neato stuff.
1 llama = 2$ doubloons
2 llamas = +1 point
130 llamas = +1 coin

Each llama can only be used once, but you can split your llamas however way you like. So if you earn 150 llamas total, you can trade them for 1 coin and 10 points; or 1 coin and 40$; or 200$ and 25 points; or 1 coin, 20$ and 5 points; etc.

Everyone will be able to trade all llamas they earn. As this is a contest, there are also prizes for people who earn the most llamas!

1st Place Llama Herder
1x Level Branch Choice
1 level up for 1 under level 7 character (i.e. you cannot use this to bump yourself up to level 8, 9 or 10).
2 coins.
2,000$ doubloons.

2nd Place Llama Herder
1 coin.
+50 points.

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