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staff applications open

We would like to select a new staff member next week to help us out, at least over the summer :3

What we are looking for:
> Commitment. Not necessarily someone who is posting constantly, but someone who is around or checking in on the site regularly and doesn't frequently disappear for long periods of time.
> A basic understanding of how to navigate HTML. You don't need to be able to code it, but you need to be able to identify text embedded in code to be able to edit it (e.g. to update spotlights).
> We generally use staff to bounce ideas off, so creativity and a sound understanding of "game canon" helps.

Staff would receive full training in:
> How to update the database (use of Baseportal).
> How to update the mainframe (use of Hostica).
> How to update the boards (use of Boards2Go).

Please be aware that being a moderator is mostly pretty boring. It's not an especially fun job - it's repetitive maintenance work. We do try and include perks and more fun jobs (such as setting quests), but please don't apply if you're only interested in the fun jobs. We need people to update seasons and the database more than we need people to do baby stats and run quests.

Types of jobs you may be asked to undertake (you'll receive training in all of them):
> Accepting new characters.
> Updating the database.
> Updating player banks.
> Updating the season.
> Updating spotlights and presenting awards for COTY and MOTM.
> Generating baby stats.
> Posting spirit quests (you will receive your own spirit).
> Running and judging competitions and events.
> Updating the powers in play and Epitome Oasis.
> Updating the boards (e.g. adding new characters to the Castle).
> Responding to questions.
> Responding to posts in Macabre Marsh and Exploration.

In the past we've had application forms for people to fill out. This time we'd rather keep it a bit more informal. If you're interested in being a staff member, please let myself or Merlin know. We'll find a time when the three of us can be online together and conduct a casual interview to find out the kind of things you'd be comfortable doing and how much time you can spare. We're not judging you, so please don't feel intimidated; the purpose of the interview is to make sure everyone's on the same page. If you're interested in helping out but feel you don't have the time to be able to do much, this interview will help us pinpoint exactly what you can do. It may be that we can take you on to do one specific role (e.g. generating exploration results) if that's all you have time for - it'd still be helping us!

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