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salt water veins

+ using her free coin to give her a fox for her familiar

+ Sia, just Sia
+ 26
+ Female

+ Italian x Irish
+ Bi
+ Non-Believer

+ Sia stands at about 5'5". She has a slender frame that carries only a slight curve to it around the hips and the upper body. She is toned and muscled from her rebel days that still continue to follow her even now. Her stomach is flat with a slight detailing of abs. Those legs of hers are the most built, thighs strong and calves muscled. She is fast, agile and in shape. As for her beauty, this is something many have commented on and yet she could care less. Even while being filthy at times, that light olive toned skin of hers is still seeable, making those light hazel-green eyes stand out against a lovely rounded face. When she smiles, which is rare, she reveals pearly white teeth, perfectly aligned in a row along with the small dimple in her right cheek. This gives her a youthful appearance, along with those few angel kisses upon her nose. Messy, charcoaled hair comes to rest just past her shoulder blades but is usually seen twirled into the messiest of buns where strands come flying out at all directions. She can bee seen wearing her usualy attire of browns, reds and whites, representing where she once came from. Normally, her tight, tan pants can be seen tucked into the darkest of red knee high boots that appear almost a dirty crimson. a baggy white shirt is what she wears for a top, a man's shirt that she had stolen from a night of adventures. It covers most of her, protecting her C cups from sight unless she desires otherwise. Her ears carry large golden hoops, the only sign of jewlery that she ever wears besides the leather band with her name engraved into it upon her right wrist.

+ Sia is daring, a life of danger giving her the street smarts that she has heightend over time. She is a confident lass, not over confident for any wise woman would now that overconfidence could get someone killed faster than ever. She is charming, able to charm the jewels off of women and the wallets of off men. The sarcastic little git is one that seems to desire humor more than anything. In a life so dark, laughter if her key to light. Alas, her idea of humor may not match up with everyone else's idea of comedy. Jokes are not her thing. She doesn't believe in love, and if a male ever falls for her he better be ready for one hell of a relationship. She is a fire cracker, untameable, unbreakable and a rebel with a cause. Some would say the life spent at sea was good for her, getting her to the point she is now. Although it may seem at times that Sia is heartless, that is not the case. Everything she steals seems to go to the less unfortunate. If anything, one could say she was the female version of the story Robin Hood. She has a caring side, a gentle side with compassion but it is rarely seen for only fools allow themselves to feel. Mostly, she is passionate.

+ Sia was born in the bed of a cargo ship, a slave being smuggled into the lands that she now lives in. Her mother was a slave, her father a soldier upon the ship. A child born of brutality and force. For a year her mother had been on that ship, never released due to the selfish desires of that one man. Once Sia was born however, he saw no reason to keep the mother alive. Her mother overhead him talking with another about his plans to rid of them both when they were to get on shore. Luckily, before that happened, pirates raided the ship, tearing into everything and anything in order to get back at the leaders of the world. It was a sign of rebellion. While the ship was being attacked, the soldier had come down to where her mother and the other slaves lay in wait, frightened as they listen to the screams and cries from men upstairs. He was planning un escape, planning to take her away for his own pleasures. He didn't want Sia though, didn't care at all. What happened next is unknown. Sia was found in the folds of tarps and rope inside the deck, rescued by a pirate named Rockefeller who raised her as his own. He died during a raid, when Sia was merely 16 years old and saw the whold thing happen for she was there during the raid, dressed as a boy. During this raid, Sia was distracted as she watched the only father she had ever known die before her and therefor, a soldier was able to take a swipe at her with his sword. It came upon her, slicing along her ribs and causing a nasty scar for later on. She had turned then, throwing her dagger as it landed right into his throat before falling overboard into the seas.

They had thought she was dead, and she kept it that way. But, ten years later, Sia still remains at large.

+ That scar is her defect.

+Nefarious Sister Site

" speaking "


lass . single . twenty-six . theif

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