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Boats turning,avoiding each other is called trolling. 8+ boats in a pack people gotta turn and cut or we'd crash into each other.Speed rules. Just like us trying to avoid the jet skis and pleasureboaters.Faster craft have control and slow craft are at their mercy..

Anywho,here's the real story:I headed over to a pack of boats but not much action. After that pack dispersed south,bite was on and I marked that waypoint and the trail. I caught 2 keepers on that waypoint,cooner saw it and camped out on that waypoint.You should have just anchored on it like most people do. I didn't say anything and trolled away while trying to avoid you and the rest of the pack.No lines tangled.I bit my tongue just like I always do.

You said you were there for a half hr but it was really over an hour that you hovered my wp. Good job if you say you caught some fish on my wp but I didn't see your @ss get up off your front seat that entire hr to reel in any fish.You kept going around in circles. Also no picture of that so-called 23" eye and the limit as well?. I could have limit'd out if I stayed another 6 hrs like you did but some of us have a life.

If I trolled that slow,the channelcats and rest of the trash fish would tear me up as well as everyone else would run over me. You fish your way,I'll fish my way. Just realize there's other boats out there.


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