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the commune market

we've now introduced a system for you to sell your rune stones and combo parchments easily.

mr. murray from the last plot has been revived as a tradesman in the commune market. if you have a rune stone or combo parchment you want to sell rather than donate to the cause, you can now do so in the commune. it works similarly to how the trading post used to - you post what you want to sell, murray replies, you accept/reject and post on updates to put it all through.

key differences:
- you can only haggle if you choose to rp it out ic. if you just want a quick ooc transaction you have to accept whatever murray offers.
- murray won't necessarily offer doubloons. he may offer shop items of similar value, or even rare items. you might even get points or coins.
- murray will currently only take rune stones and combo parchments, not other items.
- items sold to murray won't go into the ether like when you sell to the collector or the ragman, they will be put back into the game. any items sold to murray will go up for sale on the commune board. you can purchase these items from the updates board.

while it may be tempting to sell all stones for personal gain, don't forget that stones which don't work their way back to the oasis are pointless. if your goal is to gain magic, you're better off donating stones to the oasis than trying to sell them. :)

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