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le situation

hi guys, i've managed to pop on for a bit. from the looks of things it's super quiet here which is fine, this is a busy time of year for everyone. hopefully we'll get things rolling again soon :)

thought i'd do a quick news post because everyone on staff is away atm, which is not great but there's nothing much we can do about it right now. merl is away on holiday for a week, i'm still waiting to get internet installed and fenn is busy with work and life in general.

if everything goes to plan i should have internet installed on the 9th, so if you guys can sit tight until then that would be awesome. if not and you need to contact someone, please email me at thetamar@hotmail.co.uk or fenn at fennicfox33@gmail.com. i can access my emails from work so i will be slow replying but will at least be able to reply.

unfortunately, facebook and shaman are both blocked on the school computers so i can't access either of them at all. because my phone/internet company has royally fucked me over i also don't have access to my phone. i've got an emergency number that merl has access to but she's obviously away. literally the only way to contact me right now is by email.

not ideal, i know. it's mega frustrating but shit happens.

with a bit of luck, i'll see you guys in two days' time. if things fall through i'll try and find a way to get a message to you. unfortunately my getting internet installed at all rely on someone very nicely arranging to come after school instead of when i'm at work (they want me to take a day off which i obviously can't as a teacher) so my hopes aren't high.

hopefully see you guys soon and i promise i'll make it up to you when i do<33


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