Mark, YOU STARTED THIS CONVERSATION> You people state that there is an issue. We called you on this issue and then you back off with piss poor rhetoric.

1. Why the blog and criticism of me and my "WIFE" for taking the Ireland attack off our site. ( no name or socially valued information only attacks. Then read your Russian comments that prove you silly people started this... goes to character. ) If you people want to say something about the Ireland, do it on your own web site or at the next town meeting. Sell your 16 mpg, unnecessary truck and buy some air time. Show us how great you are? So this "Something about the Ireland" family, has now got you into hot water. That's the reason, Mark. Have you forgot what you people started?
First it was the paving accusations and crap like that.

2. Think you can embarrass me with the shouting? I have enough friends. I love your strategy. People know all about me. God sees me every day and I love it. YOU set up a childish, racist sign harassing a poor neighbor. ( who at least supports the fire dept. ) I video taped the sign. Want your neighbors to see the video? See how you really are. What a buuuulllly to move to this community and harass a female lady who doesn't have the financial means that you do. She told me she was " helping to fund her savings so she can survive as a senior." I, Joseph Angelo Vecchio care for my neighbors. Proud of it and will do it again and again. So MARK, I am proud to challenge any BULLY. Even you. Have done it on subway cars with gang members. You people are no problem. You could have walked to the road to meet me. Where did the sign go? Bring it to the next town meeting or I will.

3. As far as the Highway department. You are a liar. Who writes that " they were avoided..." NO YOU WERE NOT. Proove it. Hire a lawyer. You are crying for no reason. Why no interview to clear the dust "someone" created. Would that not be a better response? Your way or no way. That's a bully. I filmed a town meeting. You cried about the higher taxes if we had to build a new healthier, more efficient, less polluting new building. So we know your stand. Save the old. But to say I avoided you is illogical. I had no interest in town politics until two weeks ago when the Ireland issue came up by you people.

4. Interview. That would be the best thing for you to do. Would have gave you more integrity. Now when I see you at the next town meeting I will know the truth. My soul is cleaner than yours. You want to play ball. I'm ready unless you apologize.

I got nothing to lose.

Joe vecchio 1850 East Lake Rd 673-9565


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