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For me it was learning and mastering what I call the three most essential elements of walleye fishing. Boat control, boat control and boat control. If you can't control your boat you have nothing. When one can learn to properly maintain control of his/her boat in all conditions and with all presentations, the rest of what you need to know will become far more easier to pick up.

--Yeppers for sure!!!

-on my home lake~
Fig 8's on the hump-slide, following GPS tracks through stump fields, Pullin' Z's, Pullin' S's, Flutter droppin', Rip n' stall, Tap n' glide, Workin' breaks, Inline boards, Flatlines & etc in various 24/7 conditions...

Fishing w/buds is a fun social event, while Angling is a serious skill-growth rung-climbing event with loads of self-improvement satisfaction w/each step... Hang a Hog, Not a Smelt

Ray da sUMo 'Chaser


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