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new shop items!

Two new shop items have been added under 'baby generator edits'!

Girl Power: Enables the player of the mother to completely control the length and side-effects of the pregnancy. This is the item to use if you want the pregnancy to be shorter or longer than the designated 6 weeks.
* Cost: 1,000$
* In stock: 10

Orphan Child: Creates a baby with two NPC parents, who will be listed as "Unknown" in the database. An orphan story is provided. This is similar to the Virgin Pregnancy, except that provides 'Unknown' for both parents. This item gives you more than just a randomly generated character - it gives you a story. A brief outline of the parents is provided, as well as a story of how your character became an orphan at such a young age.
* Cost: 1,500$
* In stock: 10

More may follow. I have some other ideas but need to chat to Merl about them.

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