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the mission

This version we need your help to start the switchover! The mission is simple, open the jar and find the runestones!

- To start a quest reply to the thread in the Oasis. You will then be given the stone you need and where you can find it. As each quest is completed, the stones will be crossed off the list. When all the stones have been found the final part of the switchover will be unlocked!

- you have 5 days to complete a quest, with an option to renew for another 5 days. After that it will be opened up for other players to claim

- You may complete your quest in as many posts as you wish so long as you finish within the time limit.

- A player may only claim one quest at a time but may complete as many quests, with as many different characters, as they wish.

- You may complete the quest alone or in conjunction with other players

- The way your vision manifests and the effect the substance in the jar has on your character is completely down to your interpretation. It doesn't have to be the same as Morgana or Tristan's experiences.

- Your character should end their quest in the Oasis where the king will be waiting.

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