Susil Crags

Disaster has struck!
The Crags are a series of rocky formations with small caves and crevices throughout. Many of the lower-lying areas of the Crags have been flooded, however, with water pouring in from the Northern stretches of Moladion. Some paths have been completely submerged, and some are nothing more than a few rocky peaks sticking out of the water. The water is fairly slow moving but begins to pick speed up towards the Grotto, becoming a series of intense rapids and waterfalls as it nears the Grotto's entrance.

The area itself is still traversible. However, it can be risky. Large amounts of debris can enter the waterway, creating bridges at times but also creating dams that break and cause ocassional flash-flooding. Be careful, travelers! One wrong step and you could end up finding out where the water goes.

Note: Susil Crags will return to normal once 25 posts have been completed (or at Staff discretion). During this time, new threads will receive a 'Surprise','Disaster', and prizes.

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into the heart of darkness


From on high he watches while the deer below begin to fight. The clang of their antlers reverberates on the stony hillside and the grunts of their efforts draw his chocolate eyes to them. They are large beasts with brawny muscles and lackluster faces yet they battle with a passion that heretofore had been hidden. Across a small stream a healthy doe watches with interest, flicking her white tail in an absent manner or maybe it is a way to egg the males on. For whoever one that fight would also win rights to rut with the female and spread his progeny although Shivershade was fairly sure it wasn't the babies that they were looking forward to. Stupid beasts. Fighting over a female when they could just take her. It wasn't as if she could put up that much of a fight.

The days were growing steadily cooler and the hint of winter was enough to cause a ruckus in his blood. Shivershade was a male of hot blooded nature so winter only made him more virile. The memory of his imprint, Hush, crept into his mind and he licked his brown lips as he imagined luring her back. She had wanted him as much as he had desired to take her and if her daughter hadn't interfered he was certain he could have convinced her to go off with him. Who cared that she had a mate? Certainly not him. Shivershade was a large male in both weight and height with plenty of brawn and muscle to get what he wanted. And getting what he wanted was what it was about.

A flash of white catches his attention from teh pathetic displays of force issues by the bucks. Instead his eyes capture on a tantalizingly feminine figure that leaps and bounds up to the top of a nearby waterfall that he could easily bridge from where he sits. He waits for a few minutes to see if another will come trailing after her yet she is quite alone and alone means an easier target for Shivershade.

Turning his back to the scene below he creeps across the rocks with a confident gait, leaping and jumping when needed, uncaring when his paws dip into shallow trickles of water that meander through the rocky wasteland. He dips down into a small indentation in the earth before popping up near the waterfall, her back to him as she stares out over the vastness of Molodian and he grins to himself.

"If you are looking for something to distract you, darlin', I can assure you that I would be eager to do that," he coos in his rich voice, keeping a sedate pace as he walks towards her. Really, she has no where to go if she wishes to be away from him except off the side of the cliff or straight through him, yet that only depends on how intimidated she would get. "Pretty lasses ought not traipse out alone. It is not nice country here."


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