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a big update

first day of the easter hols which means i have time to do a huge update. let's see if i can remember everything!

for those not already aware, there is an awesome rpg community site called bonfire. we are participating in bonfire's banner exchange (you can view this on the sister sites page) and in an attempt to try and encourage bonfire's use, we've also linked it from the ooc page. it's good fun meeting people from other games and supporting other sites, so please check it out. we may also get some new members!

new sisters
i haven't posted on news about new sisters in ages and can't honestly remember which ones i haven't shouted out about yet, but they're all awesome! go check 'em out! click

the new version
the new version is almost ready to rock and roll, and should be coming soon after people have finished questing for stones. we're now offering a 2 for 1 stone special to try and speed things up a little. :)

lottery draw
congrats to fenn, who won both jackpots in the lotteries! click here to see if you won anything!

we all know i suck monkey balls at this. because it's been so long i'm not sure what year we're supposed to be in or anything, so i just did whole new spotlights. because we've missed so many months, everyone can claim 500$ on the updates board for missed motms.

character of the year: the beautifully written estefania! fenn can claim 1 coin for stef on the updates board :)
member of the month: krrazy! you can claim an additional 500$ on the updates board ($1,000 total including the $500 above) :)
sister of the month: sanctuary! check it out!

our birthday
worst admin ever.

omniety will be hosted in the summer when i have more time, i'm afraid. in the meantime i will organise a birthday celebration of some sort, probably today. stay tuned!

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