Top 10 Trolling Tips

Just to show that I am willing to try to help people fish IL effectively, I offer my Top 10 Saugeye Trolling tips. Clearly, trolling IL is relaxing and not a difficult approach. Hopefully those not as experienced on the lake will pick up a thought or two, and I would also like others opinions as to what works for them as we can all fine tune our skill set:

Testers Top 10 Indian Lake Flat Line Crankbait Trolling Tips ( Not in priority order )

1. Change colors often. Once you find the right combo/bait style for the hour/day, then run on several and/or all rods out.
2. Target speed at 2.7-3.2 MPH. Adjust accordingly.
3. Make frequent turns and troll in lazy Sís and/or Zís. Pay attention to inside and/or outside rod bite then adjust straight speed in # 2. Donít be afraid to troll in complete and repetitive circles.
4. Pay attention to bite pattern vs your direction with wind. ( I like crossing wind at about 45 degrees and straight with wind ) Adjust as necessary to maintain # 2.
5. Use the correct bait/line out/line type to consistently ďtickĒ the bottom.
6. Pay attention to depth. On IL, six inches in depth change is a lot. Those breaks will hold fish.
7. Early start closer to shore and work your way out as the daylight progresses.
8. Donít be afraid to stray from the pack. Not all active eyes are in a 300 acre section of the lake.
9. Spring use slimmer profile baits, as we move towards summer use fatter baits.
10. Alter the angle of your rod holders and adjust to what seems to be working best related to # 5


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