When solid ground grows soft with emerald moss and rivulets of black mud, and coffee-colored water pours slowly around the trunks of densely carpeted trees, this marks the beginning of Laod Mor: the swamp of Blossom Forest. Time itself seems to slow to a soporific crawl . . . the humid jungle air grows stagnant, thick with the scent of rich flooded earth and an abundance of green things that can be found nowhere else—except perhaps Caidir Olc. In some areas of the swamp, water rises so high the only way to cross it is to crawl across fallen logs or massive roots arching from their liquid beds; in other places a wolf might wade easily through the mire—or find a fortunate stretch of mostly dry earth. Pieces of the great river, Glaesfaet Sceawere, also slice through from time to time: small falls that feed into surprisingly clear pools, only to terminate into tar-like pits. Of course, Laod Mor’s beauty shines brightest at night. Here, fireflies gather at all times of the year . . . suffusing the shadowy place with millions of twinkling lights.

Those looking to hunt here of course find a myriad of water prey, including caiman, turtles, fish, crayfish, otters, and toads.


let's be friends (Sylus)

I've managed to come upon the trail of a rabbit only an hour old and as bored as I am on this bright sunny day, I decide what's it going to hurt to track it? Hunting has never been an issue for me since I had to teach myself to do a lot of things growing up. My mother was too weak to kill me when my father wanted the runt of the litter dead. Instead she thought it best to take me to the borders of the pack land and leave there to rot while she brought me scraps from the pack meals, barely enough to keep me alive but just enough to keep me at the borders begging for more every day. And so this vicious cycle went on for almost a year until I finally got tired of it and decided there must be more to life than waiting for food every day. And so I ventured off and I was on my own ever since.

I came across a few small packs along the way and sometimes I would stay for a while and sometimes I would just avoid their borders and pass through without trouble. I even met up with loners and learned a few tricks from them but in the end, I always ended up by myself until I came to Cold Summers. Wrath took me in and though she was no coddler by any means, she left me to survive with a pack instead of on my own and she taught me how to be useful. And so my real life began and it has ever since. I've seen many alphas come and go since Wrath but I still remember her well. As a daily reminder, her brood Mikhail is in Cold Summers to stay it would seem and every time I see his face, I see her because he has her eyes and her coat colors. I have yet to really talk to Mikhail but he seems like the quiet type. His mtoher wasn't really quiet so he must be more like his father personality-wise.

I track the scent of the rabbit over the borders and into Staircase Falls. The land here is so beautiful that I almost get side tracked but in the end, I find myself at the giant pool of water that waits at the bottom of the falls. I glance up, blinking a few times at its great majesty. Taking a seat with a sigh, I start wandering if the rabbit was really worth it after all. My mind goes off in search of other day dreams to catch my fancy, my eyes bright and golden as I stare into the crystal water falling in a gentle cascade in front of me. How wonderful it must be to float from place to place, going wherever the current takes you...

Arwen_female_adult_no ties_no children_Omega of Cold Summers


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