Once this place used to hold the yin and yang scenery of Blossom Field. Now, there are miles of winding tundra. To the north, this tundra is cruel and dry, with wisping weaves of tall grasses. The ground is cracked and cold, and it hardly is ever moistened by dearly desired rainfall. To the south, the tundra becomes more prosperous - meadows of flowers and herbs grace the ground. Part of this connects near Elebeam Weargtreow - however it is an impassible field of poppy, which will put any wolf trying to cross it into a deep slumber, and eventually die.

Those looking to hunt here will find mice, snakes, and rabbits, along with pronghorns, bison, and javalinas.


a small touch of happiness

She was dreaming. Kobato knew it as soon as she was flung into some kind of iridescent yet pale atmosphere with Serris looking down at her. He looked like a monster. Huge, black and terrifying. When she came hurtling towards him, he snatched her up in his jowls and flung her away like a piece of trash. It had hurt. She’d landed on a stick that jabbed into her spine and a rock had hit her in the head, leaving her a bit dizzy. But she stood up despite this and ran right back. Because she needed him. Needed him to prove that she was really going to fulfill her dream. She saw Serris’s blue eyes, and she could feel his fur pressed up against hers as she rolled on into him... someone was laughing—it was a laugh that made her heart raise with pure elatedness. But this fur…. it tickled her nose… she was going to ….’choo! A high pitched sneeze came catapulting out of the lady’s nose and suddenly color filled her vision as she wearily blinked her eyes open. Her senses came flying at her instantly, bringing to her ears the sweet sound of music coming from… she turned her chocolate gaze from the blurred colors and blinked a few times, lifting her head and trying to keep her eyes open despite the mornings new light. Vladya…. Vladya was… laughing. So much so that it looked as if he were someone totally different. It was possibly the most beautiful scene Kobato had ever witnessed. It took her breath away. His pelt covering his shoulder blades was trembling to the breaths that came quickly in and out of his nares. In awe the girl stared, not even quite sure what was making him laugh so. But it couldn’t last long enough.

Time alone with Vladya was suddenly taking on a new air to it ever since… well… ever since… if there wasn’t already blood rushing up to Kobato’s cheeks, there sure as hell was some now. In desperation to get her mind off the subject, the fae turned her gaze to her paws, but she didn’t find them. Instead, she found flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Instantly her awe faded and she looked up, totally unimpressed at Vladya’s childish behavior. Was this what he was laughing for? Because she had turned into a technicolor breathing petal monster? But with him still laughing, and the impish look that now contorted his usually fearsome face into a rugged smile, Kobato’s heart practically melted. She smiled and closed her eyes as a soft laugh came tumbling out of her own larynx. But after a while, her palette changed once more, turning to him with slight concern. Vladya… you woke up early… was something bothering you? Obviously if he had had the time to launch a full-bloomed attack of flowers on her while she slept, he had been awake for some time now. While she awaited his response, she found that she couldn’t meet his eyes. It had only been days since they…. And frankly, even sleeping next to Vladya proved to be quite a heart-attack for the un-virgin. Her heart sped up now, pressing against her chest so hard that she thought it might impair her ability to breathe. And she looked down quickly, biting the inside of her cheek. CALM DOWN! She screamed inwardly. It was much too early in the morning to be getting excited about such things. But no matter what she did, it mattered not the time of day nor the situation. She was entranced. Totally, utterly entranced. Her feelings had been returned and she had allowed herself to become his.

It was something the princess never dreamed of. It was definitely a different outcome than that she had been wishing for years ago when she first came to Munashii’s territory line, skipping right over it with the cutest little smile on her face. Much different from when she told her twin guards that she was going to be a queen someday. So different from when she took off running from Aindreas while he naively played hide and seek with her. Kobato snuck a look back up, fearful of the quiet that had come around with the two. Was he worried about something? Perhaps even he had had a dream…. And it might’ve been one that was not the kind that was filled with smiles as Kobato’s had been. She sat up, watching as her flower cloak slid from her shoulders, leaving her feeling a bit vulnerable despite herself.


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