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'Tis a Gift to be Simple

Name Bri Madhein
Biological Sex Female
Skin Color Pale with a freckle tan started. (Type II)
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color Gray Green
Defects None noted.
Other Twin to Aespe.

Player Peppermint


(shared with Aespe, no need to re-read)

Being identical twins both girls share wispy strawberry blonde hair, cut raggedly short by a fishing knife. Both have fair skin with a smattering of freckles, showing a map of where the sun has touched them. Their build is short and slim, easily passing as young boys to the non observant. Ridged white and red scars mar hands and feet, left hand more prominently for Bri, right hand on Aespe. Both have gray-green eyes like the ocean before a storm.

Bri has slightly fewer freckles across her nose but more across her back and arms. Aespe's are predominantly on her face and ears. Bri is left handed, while Aespe is right handed (they are mirror twins). Aespe typically stands more alert, while Bri hides behind, following her sister's lead, often pretending not to pay attention. These differences, while subtle, are what people use to tell these twins apart.

Their clothes are worn with many patches and stitches. More thread than cloth would probably be an accurate description. It is of a strange material not used often on Shaman, called sea silk, harvested from mollusks, with patches made from mixtures of dog hair or alpaca wool. The hues of the clothes range from muted deep purples and faded red, towards browns and golden tans.


(shared with Aespe, no need to re-read)

The world of Tirta started as a decent habitat, with lots of land with forests, deserts, climates, and wildlife. But then the Great Floods came, diminishing the habitable places to only the tall mountains, limiting water to the springs and rain. The culture changed to try and adapt, revolving about the sea and limited land. People live either on these mountains, if they are lucky enough to have a profession suited to there, usually passed on down through the family, or on boats and rafts. Large animals are extinct, the largest animals left being the diminishing herd of alpaca kept for wool and milk. Dogs do the majority of farm work, pulling carts, herding livestock that is left and killing pests. Dogs also adapted quickly to the fishing and ship ratting industries. Meat became a rarity except seafood and animals that die of natural causes. Clothing was expensive. Dog hair was most common, but is itchy and undesirable. Rabbit fur was also an option, but the resources to care for the rabbits becoming scarcer drove the price higher. Sea silk, a fiber harvested from mollusks in the sea is time consuming to produce but did not take up valuable land resources, and is durable and more comfortable. Alpaca fur is only afforded by the rich few who control the herd. Cotton no longer exists except in the form of ancient hand me downs. Due to overpopulation younger children were often sold as indentured servants to work as cheap labor on ships or shoreline. It cost money to stay on land and survive there.


(Shared with Aespe, no need to re-read)

Along with the latest litter of pups Aespe and Bri were reared outside of Azglyn, respectively sixth and seventh among a passel of young that already included a set of twins. Two of the "Mads" clan. Raised more by their eldest sister Ainsley than Mother, the two were mischievous, but easily set to tasks. Dogs were always part of their early lives, raised both for mountain travel and the pulling work of rafts and ships through channels where no breeze could catch a sail. The fur was sold for clothing. Da always left the shipboard ratters to other able breeders. He said he couldn't stand the yapping. Aisling taught them to mind their manners, feed and exercise the beasts, brush out their coats, basic commands and enough lettering and numbering to see them trhough on the most basic ledgers.

Times became rougher. While the twins' older brothers could carry on the business, they were two of ten children under their mother's feet when their father never came home after a trade. In need of money without losing the older children more capable of working the farm their mother indentured Aespe and Bri to a sea silk farmer at the age of eight. The two land bred "foxfurs" were sick for almost a month before gaining their sea legs. Their jobs were mainly harvesting the strands of sea silk attached to large mollusks from shallow waters to a hundred feet. They were surprisingly good, given their wispy strength, though they could not hold their breath as long as experienced divers with fully mature lungs. Other times they climbed the rigging, hoisting sails or calling lookout. If there was space the captain would take on letters or packages. Various income was always sought.

Never called by name Aespe and Bri learned to respond to just about any plural insult flung their way. It never really occurred to them that most of the people, even those that might not be hostile, couldn't tell them apart to call them by name. Aespe and Bri desperately wanted to return home, but they were hurt and yet still unwilling to cause shame to the family by deserting their dues. All the time the two saw valuable things--seafood, seaweed and sea silk go ashore whilst they were dressed in rags.

Aespe and Bri learned more about love and danger from Sothy, the young, handsome second in command. Despite their longing, they were lucky he rarely noticed them, although the two were envious of the curvy girls that drew his attention. He showered whomever his beloved was with gifts and poetry that the twins would often sneak about to hear and sigh about wistfully. He embodied their dreams of escaping this life. After a while, though, they noticed the disappearance of his erstwhile lovers, occasionally stolen away in the night by more practical members of the crew, but more often without a mote of explanation and no word on any plans. Love was pretty, but it was also a fraud and the two decided that they should work to avoid that sort of attention, continuing to dress like boys even as their bodies began their first changes, hair cut short in a practical fashion for their duties.

While sailing to explore a new location the ship hit a very strange storm. Aespe and Bri clung together, afraid they might at last be separated as had been threatened many times over the years. Instead, they washed up on Shaman. With their newly found freedom the two scrounged what they could and ran for a life of freedom.


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