When solid ground grows soft with emerald moss and rivulets of black mud, and coffee-colored water pours slowly around the trunks of densely carpeted trees, this marks the beginning of Laod Mor: the swamp of Blossom Forest. Time itself seems to slow to a soporific crawl . . . the humid jungle air grows stagnant, thick with the scent of rich flooded earth and an abundance of green things that can be found nowhere else—except perhaps Caidir Olc. In some areas of the swamp, water rises so high the only way to cross it is to crawl across fallen logs or massive roots arching from their liquid beds; in other places a wolf might wade easily through the mire—or find a fortunate stretch of mostly dry earth. Pieces of the great river, Glaesfaet Sceawere, also slice through from time to time: small falls that feed into surprisingly clear pools, only to terminate into tar-like pits. Of course, Laod Mor’s beauty shines brightest at night. Here, fireflies gather at all times of the year . . . suffusing the shadowy place with millions of twinkling lights.

Those looking to hunt here of course find a myriad of water prey, including caiman, turtles, fish, crayfish, otters, and toads.


come with us

There are many things I see in Vingi and weakness is not one of them. I wouldn't have chosen him to come with me on this recruiting mission if I thought he wouldn't be an asset. I know him as a man of many tricks, one who likes to keep aces up his sleeve. That's the kind of wolves I'd like to keep by my side because if they're not an ally, they're a weapon to be used against me. I'd rather have Vingi as an ally because I know of his potential. I've been following in Carnival's wake but I intend to finish what she started. Malignant needs more wolves, more terrors to bring the screams in the night and if she's not here to do it, I'll make sure it's done in her stead. Like Vingi may be thinking, I, too, hope to bring life back to the dark pack of Blossom. I don't have room for any doubts. I only have room for results.

I will be holding a pack meeting very soon so that all the new faces and hopefully some old can reunite and form new ways of creating chaos around Blossom. I will live to see that day, I'm sure of it. When I turn to Vingi with a question, I am not disappointed by his answer. He has a sharp mind and intelligence flows in his speech. I knew I chose well to have him come along. He's good at reading others. I nod and smirk. "It would seem so." I agree. It's not long before Carnival takes her unprecedented leave and the girl is left alone with her fury. That just won't do. I step forward, somehow knowing Vingi will be at my side. As I speak, he adds his own voice and my lips twitch. Damn right, we can be.

Meanwhile the girl is giving off some major pissed vibes. She snarls at Carnival and then snarls as she leaves, like everything said and done is just another button to be pushed. Whn we approach, she turns to snarl at us but my brows only furrow in amusement. Her question makes me grin, revealing pearly whites because this one is easy. "All we ask is that for every throat you rip out, every body part you maim, every life you end, that you do it with not just your own intentions in mind. Malignant is all about death, but death in purpose. You want chaos? So do we, controlled chaos. The life is one is worth the lives of many in a pack. You kill for one, you kill for all. We are one being, one unit, one predator. Think you can handle that?"

She gives her name as Valkyrie. I shake my head at her next words. "You misunderstand, Valkyrie. No threats, just promise of a darker tomorrow. I would never try to harm what could be the greatest asset of my pack."

Devil May Cry.adult.male.no weakness.no offspring.Malignant Felicity's stand-in alpha
(until Carnival's return)


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