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Hy-Miler History (1985~1994)

1985...Todd Gibson, in one of his best efforts in a big Sandusky race lead most of the event before Warren slipped by. The veteran duo clicked off numerous laps under the track record in the 100 lap affair. Steve Gioia made another consistent appearance in the top three. Friday night winner: Gene Lee Gibson (50 laps)

1. Bentley Warren
2. Todd Gibson
3. Steve Gioia Jr.
4. Doug Saunier
5. Marv Carman
6. Pat Shullick
7. Joe Grunda
8. Gary Morton
9. Garry Evans
10. Kevin Lyons
11. AJ Michaels
12. Jim Shirey
13. Brian Herb
14. Gary Allbritain
15. Dan Soule
16. Don Rammage
17. Bob Renz
18. Gene Lee Gibson
19. Fred Graves
20. Ron Henes
21. Bruce Robey
22. Bob Smith
23. Warren Coniam
24. Joe Gosek
25. Randy Wynne
26. Gene Adams
27. Buck Graham
28. Tom Marks

1986...Bentley gets the Hat Trick winning three in a row dominating the event. His win equals Dave Shullick's three. Tim Nelson and Jim Shirey trailed the veteran New Englander across the line. Friday Night Winner: Tom Marks

1. Bentley Warren
2. Timmy Nelson
3. Jim Shirey
4. Warren Coniam
5. Bob Dawson
6. Pat Shullick
7. Joe Gosek
8. Tim Morgan
9. Gary Griffith
10. Dave McKnight
11. Randy Wynne
12. Gary Morton
13. Steve Gioia Jr.
14. Gary Allbritain
15. Garry Evans
16. Kevin Lyons
17. Dean Pavia
18. Mark Letcher
19. Jerry Oneil
20. Bob Smith
21. Ron Henes
22. Marv Carman
23. Tom Marks
24. Dave Shullick
25. Eddie West
26. Cliff Graves
27. Doug Saunier
28. Jim Fulper

1987...Over the past few years, young Gene Lee Gibson made a name for himself in the Supermodified world. In 1987 his name landed him a ride in the lucrative Graves Chassis house car. Gene Lee made it count as he Captured the Mr. Supermodified race at Oswego and Came home to Sandusky to his fans and drove to the Nationals victory. Bentley Warren and now veteran, but still young, Gary Allbritain ran second and third. Friday Night Winner: Bentley Warren

1. Gene Lee Gibson
2. Bentley Warren
3. Gary Allbritain
4. Randy Wynne
5. Joe Gosek
6. Eddie Bellinger
7. Pat Shullick
8. Jamie Moore
9. Jim Fulper
10. Bruce Robey
11. Joe Grunda
12. Gary Morton
13. Steve Gioia Jr.
14. Ron Henes
15. Trey Hoddick
16. Garry Evans
17. Jerry Oneil
18. Tim Nelson
19. Willie Stutzman
20. Dave Shullick
21. AJ Michaels
22. Jim Shirey
23. Mike Herb
24. Kevin Lyons
25. Tom Gonczi
26. Warren Coniam
27. Dean Pavia
28. Gus Olexsen

1988...Gibson lost the Graves ride in '88 but he didn't let it slow him down. Gene Lee led all 100 laps to get the victory, with Doug Heveron, now in the Graves car, pushing his rear bumper the entire distance. Joe Gosek looked impressive coming up to a third place finish. To date Gibson is the only person to lead the race flag to flag. Friday Night Winner: Mike Ordway (believe it or not, the first of SIX Friday Fast 40 wins for Ordway)

1. Gene Lee Gibson
2. Doug Heveron
3. Joe Gosek
4. Tom Marks
5. Joe Grunda
6. Doug Saunier
7. Bentley Warren
8. Mike Muldoon
9. Bruce Robey
10. Brad Lichty
11. Ron Henes
12. Randy Wynne
13. AJ Michaels
14. Dave Durnwald
15. Steve Gioia Jr.
16. Joe Groves
17. Jim Fulper
18. Don Rammage
19. Dave McKnight Jr.
20. Trey Hoddick
21. Burdette Bennett
22. Gary Allbritain
23. Bobby Fitzpatrick
24. Jerry Oneil
25. Mike Ordway
26. Pat Shullick
27. Todd Gibson
28. Dave Shullick

1989...Gosek showed just why he belonged up front. "Double O Joe" Drove around Doug Saunier and Mike Ordway to get the win. Saunier lowered the track record to 15.22 that year, a mark that stood until 1993. Friday Night Winner: Gene Lee Gibson

1. Joe Gosek
2. Doug Saunier
3. Mike Ordway
4. Randy Wynne
5. Bentley Warren
6. Russ Wood
7. Gary Morton
8. Tim Nelson
9. Kyle Adkins
10. Todd Gibson
11. Cliff Graves
12. Bob Fitzpatrick
13. Bob Cicconi
14. Dave McKnight Jr.
15. Steve Gioia Jr.
16. Scott Martel
17. Ron Henes
18. Doug Didero
19. Jeff West
20. Dave Shullick
21. Jim Shirey
22. Dick Batchelder
23. Pat Shullick
24. Jerry Oneil
25. Jim Fulper
26. Dennis Lichty
27. Gary Allbritain
28. Gene Lee Gibson

1990...A new decade came in and with it came a wild finish in the Nationals, with even a wilder winner. Doug Saunier dominated the event but spun with only a handful of laps remaining in the event handing the lead to Gary Morton. With just a couple of ticks remaining, Mort's wing mounts broke, giving it a c0ckeyed look. New Englander, Bobby Fitzpatrick ceased the opportunity to get by Morton and went on for the win. Bobby was the first Star Speedway (N.H.) regular runner to get the big Nationals win. Friday Night Winner: Gary Griffith (his lone ISMA win)

1. Bobby Fitzpatrick
2. Randy Wynne
3. Gary Morton
4. Scott Martel
5. Dave Shullick
6. Joe Moriarty
7. Doug Saunier
8. Pat Shullick
9. Tim Nelson
10. Bentley Warren
11. Ken Bell
12. Willie Stutzman
13. Howie Lane
14. Gary Allbritain
15. Dan Soule
16. Jim Shirey
17. Ken Chapman
18. Joe Gosek
19. Ron Henes
20. Brad Lichty
21. Pat Abold
22. Gene Lee Gibson
23. Jim Fulper
24. Steve Gioia Jr.
25. Kyle Adkins
26. Russ Wood
27. Mike Ordway
28. Gary Griffith

1991...Joe Gosek picked up his second win the event as the East Coasters dominated the event. Bentley Warren and Russ Wood trailed Gosek to the finish. Friday Night Winner: Dave Shullick

1. Joe Gosek
2. Bentley Warren
3. Russ Wood
4. Gene Lee Gibson
5. Gary Griffith
6. Pat Shullick
7. Mike Ordway
8. Steve Gioia Jr.
9. Pat Abold
10. Kyle Adkins
11. Cliff Graves
12. Todd Stowell
13. Joe Grunda
14. Scott Martel
15. Gary Allbritain
16. Joe Moriarty
17. Mike Douglas
18. Ron Henes
19. Jim Shirey
20. Doug Saunier
21. Randy Wynne
22. Greg Voight
23. Dave Shullick
24. Mike Ray
25. Gary Morton
26. Ken Bell

1992...Young Pat Abold had found the right combination this year and was strong at every race he ran. Only Dave Shullick had anything for Abold as he led most of the race. However the 150 lap distance proved too long for Shullick (and everyone else!) as his motor gave out on lap 100 while leading. Abold got by and a lap later Shullick was pitside. Abold went unchallenged afterward to get the win. Once Again Bentley Warren proved his consistency in the event nabbing a second place. Another consistent runner, Joe Gosek was third. Friday Night Winner: Dave Shullick

1. Pat Abold
2. Bentley Warren
3. Joe Gosek
4. Dave Simard
5. Gary Allbritain
6. Dave McKnight
7. Kyle Adkins
8. Scott Martel
9. Gene Lee Gibson
10. Joe Grunda
11. Doug Saunier
12. Howie Lane
13. Gary Griffith
14. Gary Morton
15. Dave Shullick
16. Tim Nelson
17. Bobby Fitzpatrick
18. Jim Shirey
19. Dan Soule
20. Ron Henes
21. Russ Wood
22. Mike Ordway
23. Joe Moriarty
24. Steve Gioia Jr.
25. Mike Ray
26. Pat Shullick

1993...Doug Saunier has been close to winning the Hy-Miler Nationals more than once, and last year it appeared to be the one. Saunier and Dave Shullick dominated the weekly racing at Sandusky and were poised on the front of the 150 Hy-Miler grind. Saunier lead from the Outset, with Shullick in tow. "The Shoe" made a couple of bids for the lead but rode a comfortable distance behind in second. As the race wore on, it became evident these two Titans would battle for the win as they had all year. Late in the going it appeared that Saunier would not be denied, but a late race caution changed everything. Shullick made the decision to pit for new rubber and join the field at the tail. With Shullick on stickers and the field on worn out rubber, he quickly made mincemeat of the remaining cars to grab a fourth and unprecedented win. Saunier held on to second after seeing his eminent victory disappear. Once again Joe Gosek found himself on the podium at the races end. Mike Muldoon and Pat Abold closed out the top five. Friday Night Winner: Doug Saunier

1. Dave Shullick
2. Doug Saunier
3. Joe Gosek
4. Mike Muldoon
5. Pat Abold
6. Gary Allbritain
7. Howard Page
8. Eddie Bellinger
9. Ken Bell
10. Joe Moriarty
11. Russ Wood
12. Dave McKnight
13. Gary Griffith
14. Mike Osite
15. Gary Morton
16. Cliff Graves
17. Jim Shirey
18. Pat Shullick
19. Joe Grunda
20. Dave Stacy
21. Steve Gioia Jr.
22. Bob Dawson
23. Mike Ordway
24. Denny Fisher
25. Bruce Robey
26. Gene Lee Gibson

1994...Jim Shirey had been campaigning supermodifieds for almost ten years and in 1994 he got his break. Teaming up with veteran builder/mechanic Jim Bodnar, Shirey captured the lucrative Hy Miler Nationals. Shirey passed Doug Saunier in the early going and drove away from the field. Gary Allbritain grabbed a ride with New Englandís Witkum team and finished a distant second. Bentley Warren, Russ Wood and Dave Simard rounded out the top five. Friday Night Winner: Mike Ordway

1. Jim Shirey
2. Gary Allbritain
3. Bentley Warren
4. Russ Wood
5. Dave Simard
6. Joe Gosek
7. Pat Abold
8. Doug Saunier
9. Joe Moriarty
10. Dan Soule
11. Mike Muldoon
12. Cliff Graves
13. Dave McKnight
14. Joe Grunda
15. Gary Morton
16. Gary Griffith
17. Gene Lee Gibson
18. Pat Shullick
19. Mike Ordway
20. Brad Lichty
21. Howie Lane
22. Scott Martel
23. Ken Bell
24. Bruce Robey


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