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welcome to version 12!

Welcome to version twelve: opulence! As usual please report any bugs on the chat board.

Here's what's new this v...

Rune stones are out, old magic is back in! Good job defeating the AC, guys. Now have fun with your magic. :)

As it says in the plots, magic comes back at different rates for diff people. You can basically play that how you want, and restore your characters' magic at your own rate.

The layout is backwards
'Reside' and 'Adventure' are now the other way around on our navbar for aesthetic reasons. Blame Merlin for your confusion.

New boards
There are now two new adventure boards!
Otherworlds: this is where you can post characters in worlds other than Shaman. You can also write as NPCs from other worlds here (e.g. if you want to play a nymph on the Shyllipa planets, or an Earth fairy). It's basically just the Starground rebranded as 'everywhere else'.
The Past: not a physical place. This board is for you to play your character in the past. Ever wanted to play your character when they were young, or relive a past version, or play a dead character? You can go crazy with your history on this board.

Links can be found under 'Adventure'. They look a bit weird because Quil did all the old Adventure links, and we don't know what filter she used. Makes them look new and spangly anyway.

Animal Database
Linked under 'Help', designed to give inspiration for anyone looking for familiars, animal affinities, etc. Currently has 329 animals in it, including 66 extinct animals, 9 mythical, and all 12 Shamanimals.

For the next few weeks, you can earn some doubloons for helping us to build up the Animal DB. For each new entry you submit on the updates board, we will give 5$. Each entry must have at least the Latin name and the common name, and preferably some other info too. :)

Remnants of Magic
The defining feature of this version. These are non-sentient, non-living little glowy things which are just happily drifting around Shaman right now. They do nice things to the land and to people/animals who touch them. Touch one, and your character receives a little blessing.

These aren't admin controlled, so it's not a case of you posting for a blessing and waiting for an admin to respond and give you one. You choose and write the blessing yourself. It'll just be little things - here are a few examples:
- Your character's skin becomes clearer (buhbye acne!)
- Your character's health is restored/their injuries/scars disappear/they're healed
- Your character feels HAPPY
- Your character gains confidence
- Your character is no longer hungry/thirsty
- Your character feels energised/focused

etc etc. Feel free to also use these remnants as plots in other minor magical ways too. For example, if your character is searching for their ren, perhaps a remnant can help show them the way.

Activity Context
Back again!
The activity contest is back! You know what that means?! Get stuff JUST FOR POSTING!

We're returning to what I regard as the best method of measuring posts: by counting llamas.

'Tis very simple. For every 100 words you write and post in character, you earn 1 llama. So if you write an 800 word post you get 8 llamas; if you write 8x 100 word posts, you get 8 llamas. If you write 1x 550 word post and 2x 450 word posts, you get 14 llamas. Easy, no?

You can collect and keep records of your llamas wherever you like, but we recommend using the HTML testing board to keep the chat board clean. When you come to turn in your llamas, you will need links, word counts and llamas counts for all your posts, so best to keep a tally of them as you go.

The activity contest will run until DATE. On DATE you will need to turn your llamas in. When you turn them in, you can trade them up for neato stuff.
1 llama = 2$ doubloons
2 llamas = +1 point
130 llamas = +1 coin

Each llama can only be used once, but you can split your llamas however way you like. So if you earn 150 llamas total, you can trade them for 1 coin and 10 points; or 1 coin and 40$; or 200$ and 25 points; or 1 coin, 20$ and 5 points; etc.

Everyone will be able to trade all llamas they earn. As this is a contest, there are also prizes for people who earn the most llamas!

1st Place Llama Herder
1x Level Branch Choice
1 level up for 1 under level 7 character (i.e. you cannot use this to bump yourself up to level 8, 9 or 10).
2 coins.
2,000$ doubloons.

2nd Place Llama Herder
1 coin.
+50 points.

Contest end date will be posted later. For now, GO HERD LLAMAS!

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