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Freebies are often granted to "all active characters". A character is considered active if it has made an IC post within the last 2 weeks. Posts made after the freebie was posted do not count.

caption contest results!

Congrats Thorn!

Congrats Dema!

Congrats Dema!

Congrats Thorn!

Apparently Thorn and Dema are our two wittiest members. They can each claim 1x Omni Scanner Plus on the updates board.

Omni Scanner Plus: Can perform a wider scan than the standard Omni Scanner (up to 5 mile radius) for signs of magical spells, barriers or enchantments. Can also detect and track whereabouts of any fairy forts or divine characters within a 20 mile radius. Omni Scanner Plus also has DNA memory; if injected with the DNA of a particular character, it can in future scan an enchantment and determine if that character cast it.

This item can be used on explorations as a benefit or sold. It has a shop value of 3,000$ (Ragman value 1,200 - 2,000$).

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