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new board: thread round-up!

because cowboys win.

we have created a new board, linked from adventure, for you to "round up" threads on. the purpose of this board is to help you round up or finish off threads if you're unable to complete them for any reason (lack of muse, time, left it too long, etc). you and your other threadster can either do some quick dialogue, a few one-liners, or some ooc messages to work out how threads would have ended.

you can also use the board to supplement posting in other ways - e.g. to send letters to other characters.

the point of this is to a) help enhance this no-pressure environment we've got going on, so people don't feel pressured to carry on with a thread where all muse has gone but you need it finished before you can start a new one, and b) provide you with space to supplement your posting any way you want. consequently there are no strict rules, so you can use it in any way which is helpful to you :)

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