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big update to shops and exploration

okay lemme try and get everything XD

firstly, new items!

random power & random trait are now purchasable via shops for 1.2k each. we have also changed how they work. now when you choose to use a random power/trait, you can choose which character to send it to or you can send it to your bank.

for the same price, you can also get the "choice of 5" power/trait item. this works in the same way as the old random power item - ie you choose your character before you "open" it, and you can't bank the result. however, this time 5 random powers are generated, and you get to pick which one of those 5 you would like for your pre-chosen character.

other new items are:
recolour hair/eyes - allows you to pick an unnatural hair/eye colour without paying a coin. this is genetic, unlike changing hair/eye colour through level-ups. 1k each.
shamanimal familiar - introductory price of only 4k, cheaper than extinct/mythical!
send to bank - allows you to transfer a coin, power or trait from the database to your bank for 1.8k. if this item is successful we may look at another item which can transfer points from the database to your bank.

all of these items can be found under character edits, at the top of the shop.

we have also taken a serious look at explorations. explorations as a system is due to be overhauled in the summer, but we have made a few significant and much-needed changes.

firstly, finding new territories is temporarily suspended, as we currently have too many!

secondly, prizes have been reduced. the upper prize limits are now --
large treasure upper values: 1,600$, items worth 2,000$, +80 pts, 1 coin
medium treasure upper values: 800$, items worth 1,000$, +40 pts
small treasure upper values: 300$, items worth 500$, +25 pts

upper value refers to the maximum amount you can get for that item/$$/pts when it is given on its own. so for example, you can get an item worth 400 and 400$ for a medium treasure, but if you just get doubloons, the max you can get is 800$. this has been done to try and curb inflation a bit.

there is also a wider range of prizes. there are now 40 different large treasure prizes, 40 medium treasure prizes, and 80 small treasure prizes. you can view them here: large, medium, small.

finally, we have also dramatically reduced the cost of explorations through the following measures:
- survival kits now cost 25$ (down from 50$)
- maintenance costs have been completely removed
- large ships now come with crews when you buy them, so you do not have to hire a crew and can sail off with just your character
- large ships have been reduced from 5,000$ to 2,000$
- sailing boats have been reduced from 1,500$ to 700$
- sailing boat leases have been reduced from 300$ to 150$
- large ship leases have been reduced from 800$ to 400$

the table below shows how much it costs now to explore.

please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

edit: table above is wrong, it's showing large ships at 4k. they are actually 2k :)

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