Where once the southern border of Blossom Forest was made by Leisure Lake, the magical rearrangement of the lands has laid there instead a vast, uncrossable ocean. The shore differs as you travel along it. Tall mountainous cliffs arise on the western part and at one point, the large river that runs through Blossom Forest opens up at its tributary into a well sheltered cove. As you come more eastward, the towering peaks shorten into rocky foothills. A large section of the shore is inaccessible to most, as Uyaraut has claimed it as their own. But if you skirt around their territory, the hills disappear, swallowed up into the land until it is as flat as the eye can see. The vibrant greens dull into short and dry browns and tans, and the land dries and cracks apart until it melds into The Waste - the desert that forms Blossom Forest’s easternmost border.

For those looking to hunt here, there are of course the fish within the ocean, along with crabs, seals and urchins. For on the shore, there are seagulls, herons, and ospreys.


If I risk it allcould you break my fall?

If I risk it all

“You are correct, sir. Care to stay and know why?”

The ethiopian woman’s response was immediate, a smile forming on her kissers, tone light, teasing. Ro’s snowy maw opened to answer, but was unable to do so by a scream from the behind the group. A name, Dante, presumably belonging to the fiery lady, echoed across the lake and a small, russet figure crashed into the aforementioned woman’s chest. All four lupines found themselves cocooned in silence for what could any of them really say? In the end, it was Dante who broke the stillness that had come over the group, giving this pup a name: Seraphina.

The ess lowered her voice to whisper into the child’s ear, though the little girl’s reply was not so quiet. She had either not mastered the art of whispering or didn’t see the point in doing so, announcing for all to hear, “I followed you! It’s no fun at home when you’re not around.” Sera looked up at Dante, who Ro assumed was her sister, holding herself proudly and smiling. The snowy warrior let out a quiet huff of amusement, though remained impassive, returning his focus to Dante as she spoke. The ethiopian fae told the little congregation of her plans, of the bears that had invaded Bright Moon, and offered them a chance at a pack full of opportunities. A sparkle filled Rodan’s blue and green eyes. This was exactly what he was looking for. Somewhere that needed him, somewhere he could prove himself and protect a pack, somewhere he would prove useful. What better way to do so than against bears?

He was not the first to respond: that honor went to the Iberian ess. Nor was he even second, beaten to it by an entirely new character, who submitted herself to Dante. Now it was his turn, dipping his head to their leader, “I too will stand with you.” A rare smirk played across his kissers, “I’ve been dying for something to do.”

Seraphina studied the group as the pledges themselves to her sister. There was that earthen lady that had spoken first, then some new ivory lady, and then another ivory wolf, but this one was a male. Psh. They had nothing on Dante. Sera couldn’t believe that anyone better than her big sister existed because they didn’t. The little girl’s green optics filled with admiration as Dante spoke. Fina made up her mind: She wanted to be just like Dante when she grew up. And the first step: impress the older ess. Not to be outdone by the others, the princess leapt out from in between her sister’s legs and bounced up and down.

“Me too! Me too! I want to help too Dante! Pretty please!”

Could you break my fall?
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