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Chances are getting slimmer

I just had this discussion with a local fisheries biologist. In my opinion, no, fish don't stand a chance with all of the advancements in technology. I know the subject video is only utilizing a drone, but I am more focused on my local fisheries and what challenges they face.

The completeness of the mapping chips that are available coupled with side/down scan allow anglers to pretty much find every piece of decent structure in a lake. Add in Social Media and word of a hot bite gets out quickly. The fish have zero chance to hide, and are exposed to more anglers. And yet people wonder why numbers decline in some waters. Don't post on social media that you tore 'em up at 'X' lake and then complain because the boat ramp is busy. Basically there are no more secrets left, its just a matter of people taking the time and putting in the effort to research the waters.


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