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Omniety is here!

Nobody saw who delivered the letters, at yet delivered they were. Streams of light wove through the trees of the forest and the stones of the moor, they rebounded from the walls of the castle and groves until they found their way into a window and over the eyes of every resident of Shaman, causing them to drift into a deep sleep.

When they awoke the next morning, envelopes of gold and sealed in a green stuck magically to every door in Shaman. House doors, bedroom doors, door to libraries and lavatories and office spaces were plastered with envelopes. Some would recognize the shade of green as one that appeared in Shaman every few years to set the world to magical chaos and festivities, but many would find it inconspicuous. It might even seem like an overzealous scribe sending out a decree.

The envelope, upon being touched, encouraged insatiable curiosity, a desire to open it and learn its contents and read the words in the bright green ink:

You are cordially invited…

The invitation contains directions to the gathering point for the event, and somehow, even those unable to read the message are aware of the location: a dormant fort and ancient palace; the date: tonight; and the time: midnight.

Omniety has arrived! Every fairy has been invited, young or old, pirate or good citizen to join the spirit in the old palace of the Sebauza Ruins. The contest will begin the tonight at midnight.

Unlike in previous years, you will not need to sign up characters you might like to participate and then choose among them once the instructions are posted, because the instructions have already been posted! Also because it’s an unnecessary hassle. Simply read the theme, and sign up each character who will participate. Each should be its own reply to the original instruction post. Then write your post in reply to that sign-up.

This year you will also have two weeks to complete round 1 instead of the usual one-week time limit. Use it to your advantage!

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