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Posted on September 25, 2016 at 10:51:37 AM by BMH

-the air temp was 51.8 degrees at 6:30 am this morn and the lake water temp is dropping fast on shallow IL. Forecast is for cool nights.

Also, the Chippewa channels have been packed with shad & I would guess most of the Northside channels are the same. It is a downright feeding circus after dark to dawn with swirls & splashing around the Chippewa channels at present.

The fall channel/lake turn-overs and the water PH w/the leave drop will slow the bite for a few days & then the annual shad spin-cycle thingy event to also consider...

-the fall feed-bag thingy is already underway bigtime, but your lure has a one in a million chance of scoring unless you use a full-belly stuffer alt-system (aka: fish candy)

Later Gator--
da old fart


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