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couple of general updates

the powers database has now been updated to include a range of powers/traits pulled from the character census. i'm not 100% sure because i wasn't counting, but based on my best estimates i think we've added 80+ powers/traits to the db over the last couple of days, so definitely head on over and check it out if you're looking for new magic. if you were looking at the character census and wondering what a certain power was, all the ones we were able to recall/work out are now in the power db with a description and price.

as always if you have suggestions for new powers/traits please shout. the idea of the power db is to a) give inspiration if you're looking for a new power and b) provide prices for powers - it's not meant to limit you in what you can have at all.

in other news, expecting a slow november due to various illnesses and general busyness. no pressure to post here if you're working on nano or are feeling ill or anything like that. if you are about and want to post but your posting partners are being slow, hit me up and i can post with you.

if you are participating in nanowrimo this year, good luck! as far as i'm aware we have three participants - fennic, dargon and merlin. some people aren't aware that you can earn in-site rewards for things you do off the site, like achieving personal goals or doing well in school/etc. you can ask for these at any time and we work on a trust basis so you don't need to provide evidence of anything. if you're a nano participant, i'm setting the following as a flat reward:
+5 points claimable for every day that you write towards your nano project but don't hit your daily word target;
+10 points claimable for every day that you hit your nano word target;
+20 points claimable for every day that you exceed your nano word target by 1,000 words or more.

if you would prefer a different incentive then hit me up. we can switch your points in for doubloons, or help you work towards a bigger reward (e.g. a mythical familiar item if you complete your overall 50k target).

this all starts from the first day of nano, nov 1st, so you can back-claim for yesterday.

good luck everyone! we're all behind ya.

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