Joe blows it away

Joe did it again! Excellent full page cartoons liberating why the democrats have dumb down Americans. Free education, get your welfare, collect your disability, extend your un employment insurance benefits, more solar and wind energy, less domestic oil production, and take away our 2nd amendment right. More Obama care and Clinton foundation fraudulent raising of money for political gain and leaking Secretary of State breach of confidential information over private servers is the time bomb I will not vote for. So you can stay home and sit on your lazy#####is what the dems support. 88 million barrels of oil is our world daily production. It's not the Russians Hilary😂 Joe maybe there are more dems splitting their ticket than you think. Or maybe just more mascara🤓 Masking why most dems are bipolar. I like the hippie guy the most! Great contrast bulleting Obama's political antics and Michelle with J z riding In the Mercedes portraying a way of life that kids want to mimic. Your own party is dumbing American down. You do a great job mocking them out!


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