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christmas bingo!

thanks to nikkayla and taya for letting us use their bingo idea.

the rules:
1. no backclaiming - you can only claim for posts (ic or ooc) made on the 16th dec or after.
2. where squares are vague, they are open to your interpretation. feel free to put your own spin on them. (e.g. mention a child in the background holding a reindeer toy counts as including a reindeer in your post).
3. if you do any large plot-style posts centred around one of these bingo squares, you can request additional prizes (as with any impetus-style post).
4. bingo ends january 5th, so all claims need to be made before then.

complete 1 square: claim +10 points on updates
complete a line (diagonal, horizontal or vertical): claim an extra 500$
complete the entire board: claim a special christmas prize.

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