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christmas updates! (christmas special spoilers inside)

Christmas updates
See below for our Christmas updates. Please note that there are spoilers below if you haven’t read the Christmas special yet.

Presents on Chat
Please see the Chat board for your usual Christmas presents! You have until January 5th to claim so there’s no rush if you want to spend some time thinking about what you want.

The Reaper in Shaman lore
As per the Christmas special (spoiler alert), we have added the Reaper to Shaman lore. The deceased goddess Aura is now the ‘Guide of the Dead’ and can travel between the realms of the dead and the living. This mostly affects gameplay in the ways listed below, but it does mean that your character can RP with the Reaper if you want to. All characters with the mediumship ability have the power to summon the Guide at any time. The Guide may also respond on the Impetus board to deity requests or issue ren quests occasionally. She may also, in the months coming, issue quests to living persons in order to help ‘fix’ the Realm of the Dead, so watch out for those.

New item
A new item, Bottled Death Glitter, has been added to shops under ‘character edits/additions’ for 1,300$. The item is unlimited in stock, but each player can only purchase 3 bottles per real life year.

Death Glitter is a black glittery powder which is occasionally left behind by the Guide of the Dead’s staff when magic is performed. Some enterprising characters have managed to find and bottle some of this rare substance. It has been discovered that Death Glitter has the power to resurrect people from the dead.

Each vial contains enough glitter to resurrect one character permanently from the dead. They will come to life again fully, not be ‘zombie-like’ or ‘ghost-like’. It is entirely up to you how the Death Glitter works - whether you sprinkle it onto a dead body, blow it onto the wind with a wish, etc. The Realm of the Dead is vast with many, many zones, so your character’s experiences while dead (and whether they remember them) is up to you. A character can be brought back to life as many times as you want.

New character opportunities
Angel Academy in the Realm of the Dead will be reopening, which means there are opportunities for living and deceased characters to become Lieutenants of Death. The lieutenants have varied roles helping the Guide to settle deceased souls into the Realm of the Dead.

For living characters, this role is largely to do with helping dying people to pass over easily. Since living characters can’t travel beyond Zone 0 (the one classroom in Angel Academy) in the Realm of the Dead without dying, they usually take souls over to the Realm between Realms and leave them in the care of a deceased lieutenant who then takes them the rest of the way.

At the moment, there is no official job title or description for the lieutenants. Since Aura has just taken over as the Guide of the Dead and doesn’t really know what she’s doing, and Angel Academy has been shut for a long time, it’s all a bit chaotic right now. This means that if you want your character to become a Lieutenant of Death, you can have them become one in any way you want and adapt the role to suit your needs. All lieutenants will automatically get some kind of item (your choice of what) which helps them to transport souls between Life and Death. Posts in the Realm between Realms (where both living and dead characters can go) or Angel Academy in the Realm of the Dead can be made on the Otherworlds board.

We’re essentially letting you guys take the lead with this opportunity. At the end of the flood when boards and normal jobs are restored, we’ll look at making an official ‘Lieutenant of Death’ job then, probably on the Pantheon board. Have a toy around with the concept and we’ll ask you guys before we make anything official how you want it to look/work.

Challenges board
Something not death-related!

A new board, known as the Challenges board, has been added to the site and linked under OOC. The idea for this board came from Fenn’s site Revelations and their ribbon system. We’re really grateful that Fenn allowed and helped us to adapt the ribbon system to Shaman.

The Challenges board is a new way of earning points, doubloons and items, and is meant to be a bit of fun. Staff members will post challenges in various categories (e.g. Site Helper, Posting, Characters) with up to 4 badges (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) available for each challenge. When you achieve badges in the challenges, you can claim prizes on the OOC board. The Challenge board itself isn’t updated (apart from to add new challenges), so it’s just there for you to keep track of which badges you have and which you’re working towards.

You can complete or work towards multiple challenges at a time, and one post might help you towards multiple badges. Badges can be achieved out of order, so you might get a Silver before you get a Bronze. There is, however, no back-claiming for any badges allowed. Any posts you make or things you do to earn a badge only count from December 25th 2016 onwards.

Suggestions for new challenges can be made on the updates board.

As a thank you to Fennic for helping us to work the new Challenges board out, she may claim 500$.



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