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playerless chars updated

updated to include appearance (now in the db, so if it lists hair/eye/skin colour, that's not changeable without a glitch).

some of them have unusual colours which for some reason were never logged, including purple hair/blue skin/gold eyes in some cases, so go check 'em out.


Mallos x Juniper
Green eyes, brown "skin", green hair
IV: 275 points
Earth Manipulation; Water Manipulation
Made of Earth
3 coins
Two children: Alector and Rhea (played by Edel)
* One of the "Mallos generation" - was artificially created by Gwythr, under the guise of Mallos. Mallos is a deity, so Jason is a demigod.
* For some reason it's vanished from the db, but Osiris is a quadruplet with 3 other "elemental" children. He represents Earth. There's also Kaala (air - played by Dema), Minn (water - played by Pixie, inactive) and Serafina (fire - played by Thorn).

Robert x Lisette
Lilac skin, deep purple hair, deep purple eyes
III: 170 points
Scrying; Elemental Control (water); Purple Manipulation; Immortality
Double Wings
1 coin

I: 0 points
Black hair, pale skin, gold eyes
Twin to Misao

I:0 points
Light blue skin, pale blue eyes, silver hair
Unknown gender undead leopon familiar, Protis

Red hair, fair skin, gold eyes
I: 15 points
Female horse familiar, Venom

Type 3 skin, auburn hair, red-brown eyes
I: 5 points
Male Eurasian wolf familiar, Lykke

III: 150 points
Mermaid (purple & blue, like this) hair, blue eyes, fair skin
Ecological Empathy; Water Healing

Black hair, yellow eyes, pale skin
I: 0 points
1 coin

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