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Freebies are sometimes posted on this board. Please be aware that a freebie can only be claimed up to one week after it was posted.

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happy birthday, shaman!

Shaman is 8 years old today! To celebrate, we're doing something a bit different.

Each player has been given a hamper and will be given 4 freebies for the hamper straight away. You can track your hampers on the HTML testing board. Over the course of this week (until Tues 21st at midnight GMT), you can build up your hampers by picking up things which will be given out for the completion of certain challenges.

Here's the catch: you don't know what the challenges are. ;) Merl and I will drop pre-specified prizes where and when we see people completing things off a list we've made up. You have to use different aspects of the site to see if it gets you prizes. Watch what other people do to pick up the same prize.

Items may also be dropped on different boards entirely at random for people to claim (like advent), so look out for those!

On Wednesday 22nd, you'll be able to pool together everything you've earned into your hamper and claim the whole lot on updates.

For your 4 freebies, you can choose one item off each of the 3 lists:

List 1:
Randomise Familiar
XX Chromsome
XY Chromosome
Skeleton Keys
Dream-Walker Totem

List 2:
Point Bundle
Familiar Formatter
Hop Loop
Divinity-Infused Rat
Recoloured Animal

List 3:
Ordinary Familiar
Flawless Baby
Riptide Sword
Hawkeye’s Arrow Quiver
Tame Predator
Mark / Natural Tattoo
Unnatural Eyes

Everyone will also be given the following rare item as the 4th freebie in their hamper.

Steerable Birthday Balloon: This jolly-coloured balloon will lift your character off their feet and carry them for indeterminable distances. The balloon will respond to clear instructions. Warning: Beware of strong winds. For easy storage your balloon can be inflated and deflated an unlimited number of times.

Have fun!!

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