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your help needed for creating content!

So a while back, I asked for some feedback on revamping the religion pages. Dema and Edel both replied, and can claim 100$ for their contributions.

At the moment, I'm looking at having generic information on one page, with links going off to different deities. On each deity's page will be a brief character profile, epithets, information about the monotheistic cult, role in polytheistic cults, council role and reputation on Shaman. I'm also looking at having separate pages with info on ancient creatures, immortal ones and specific polytheistic religions, although I haven't quite worked out how to lay that all out in my head yet.

This is a huge amount of content to generate, especially since we've only really looked at fleshing out the monotheistic cults of Rhaegar, Aura and Mallos in the past, and no polytheistic cults except the Manekhtites have been named. The purpose of adding all this content wouldn't be to create masses of necessary reading, but rather reference guides to help with character creation/development. Might make it easier for us to add religious roles into the site later too if people want them, e.g. a representative of the Auran Church on Shaman causing trouble.

So! I would like to tap into the immense creative reserves of the best RPers on the internet. As I said, Mallos/Rhaegar/Aura have all had cult stuff developed for them, but the other deities are more or less blank slates. I'm looking for help developing cult information (both monotheistic and polytheistic) for these deities. The easiest way to do this, I think, is in GDocs.

The following GDocs are all (excluding the bottom one) laid out roughly how the web pages will be laid out. Underneath each subtitle, there is space for people to add bullet points, paragraphs, etc. If you have any ideas, no matter how small or big or crazy, please please please add to these GDocs. Even if all you do is add a couple of bullet points, it may help me generate some of this content. We won't necessarily use all the ideas people throw in but I'd love to accommodate as many as possible.

All of these GDocs are editable by anyone, whether you have a Google account or not. Unless you prefer to remain anonymous, please put your name next to all of your contributions. All contributors will be credited and rewarded when the web pages eventually go live (hopefully for V14).

I have already inputted all of the information from the existing religion pages to provide a basic starting point (although some of it may be outdated). As and when I get time I will go through and add character profiles for each deity too, so pls leave that section blank and just do the other bits :)

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