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*look how hard someone can fall;

Name: Tarquin
Biological sex: Male
Skin colour: Pale
Hair colour: Platinum to Lavender*
Eye colour: Tiger Eye Stone colors
Free V13 power: Water Manipulation
Your player name: cas
How you found out about us: Transferring from Rev.

Detailed appearance: Quinn is androgynous and on the angled slender side, and has some defining muscle due to vigorous martial arts and combat training. Quinn is tall, six-four or so, and quite graceful with long legs and neck, with tapered, elegant fingers. He has an oval-square shape to his face with a wide narrow nose and eyebrows not too masculine, but not quite feminine either. There is a good spanse of forehead and a rounded but softly dimpled chin, with full and shapely lips. He is a bit pale, and his hair can lighten or darken depending on season and climate in general, and sometimes he will grow his hair out or cut it shorter. He usually likes it long enough to style, and straight for the most part. Quinn has tri-color brown eyes in wide-almond shape that might remind someone of a tiger-eye gemstone. The polished metallic golden kind that starts with the gleaming shine of a pale bright gold-yellow, then a bold, hearty gold-brown followed by a dark, warm, woodsy golden. These eyes are often quite expressive.

Quinn has some tattoos in body art, and greenish rune symbols tattooed along the back left side of his neck along the spine that has faded to barely visable. Faint small aqua pinprick scars are scattered over his left side, lower neck and shoulder, chest. There is a brand at his inner right thigh. A faded greenish rune symbol on his right shoulder. He has a bite scarring under his ribcage on the left side, and a feather burn above his left hip. A scar through his right hand. A bite scar over the curve of his left shoulderblade. He has a *black gryphon tattoo on his inner left wrist; it tingles when his chosen prey is nearby.

Age: 3,170
Ethnicity: Irish
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Polyamorous Panromantic Homosexual
Religion: Disdainful of most deities.

From Rev --

Joining in at Level Seven to regain level eight after a ren quest*

SHAPESHIFT (Ability; Cheetah form)
As a cheetah, Quinn is not the normal golden tan one might imagine when thinking of the large cat. Instead, his fur is a pale gray color, classified naturally as maltesed. He does have the darker spots as most cheetahs might, of course. Quinn is somewhat larger than most male cheetahs, gaining size more along the lines of a tiger but fully cheetah-bodied. He is lithe, curvy, streamlined with long legs and a slender body. His tail is quite long and flexible, and his face is expressive with eyes of the same color as in human form. Overall, he is as predatory and dangerous looking as any large, wild cat might appear to most.

HALF-SHIFT (Ability)
Tarquin can shift half-way into his animal form, choosing what physical parts of his person shifts and what does not. This half-shift is temporary and can only be maintained for up to three hours with resting intervals in-between.

Tarquin's blood has a unique, distinct flavor to those who consume it. Not only is this flavor usually pleasant, but it can easily become addictive under the right circumstances. His blood may also produce a "high" or have an intoxicating effect on the drinker. He may have the ability to control these effects - whether or not it is addictive and whether or not it provides the intoxicating effects - at will.

ATHLETIC (Ability)
Tarquin's body is in prime shape. He is strong and has great endurance, stamina; he is generally in better health than a normal human. He is also less likely to become ill.

Tarquin can grip, push, lift and exert himself up to three times the normal human limit.

Tarquin possesses a will that is more powerful than the average person. This means he's practically immune to both magical and normal coercion, and may be able to resist (or even ignore) spells effecting his mental state.

Tarquin is capable of moving at extreme speeds, so quickly as to appear as a mere blur for color. As one can imagine, this generates quite a lot of kinetic energy, and being run into by him at this speed doesn't feel particularly good.

Tarquin possesses an extremely well developed sense of balance. This allows him to always perfectly position his limbs and maintain his center of balance at all times. He is almost impossible to knock down, rarely falls, and is able to recover from momentary imbalances nearly instantly!

VAMPIRE I & II (Ability)
While not a "true" vampire, Tarquin has the ability to gain sustenance by imbibing blood; this can be the blood of others or himself! He can also heal himself by imbibing blood.

Others can access Tarquin's memories by ingesting his blood! This can be done directly from a wound, or he can will the memory to attach to blood poured into a vessel. Some with this ability may be able to control how long the blood contains the memory, and/or prevent the memories from being passed on, at will.

Tarquin can access the memories of another person by ingesting their blood. This works best with fresh blood, but even dried blood may contain some fragments of memory.

WINGS (Ability)
Tarquin has developed bat-like wings which will show themselves after he has imbibed blood using his Vampire traits!

After receiving a contract, Tarquin can manifest his appearance to be that person's worst nightmare; this works best in secluded areas (since the victim will no doubt cause quite a fuss!), but can be activated and deactivated at will. Tarquin may also be able to manifest in this manner towards others, however, the effect will be strongest against those he has been contracted to kill!

CHANGE HAIR (Appearance Alteration)
Tarquin can change his hair from its normal hue to lavender and back at will!

Tarquin's black gryphon tattoo will tingle when his chosen prey is nearby.

EARTHSHAKER (Inventory Item)
Tarquin can shake the earth at will for specific people, affecting up to three at once. It is a golden gemstone that fell out of Bhu's eyesocket upon her death; if you look closely, you can still see flames flickering inside. This eye loans Tarquin Bhu's ability to shake the earth at will, but with a twist. Tarquin can make the ground tremble for specific people, affecting up to three at once. This means that they will experience all the unsettling effects of the ground moving around under them (like loss of stability), without anyone else nearby noticing or feeling it!

*swapping out Divine Shard for Phoenix Physiology, approved by Aspelta via email.
Quinn has or can take on all the aspects of a phoenix. He has a phoenix form (black throated magpie-jay of various sizes), and he also has the healing tears and ability to rebirth (though this can go terribly wrong).

*taking Fire Manipulation & Healing for the two abilities not chosen in Rev.

Armor (Custom Armor)
Form fitting barbarian armor; made for not only defense, but mobility and agility in battle. Made up of assorted leathers and the smaller scales from a dragon.

Cloak (Shrouded Cloak)
This cloak will turn Tarquin into smoke, fog, or liquid to help him sneak through those pesky cracks! The cloak is charcoal in color and looks rather gross with loads of holes, no one would want it unless they knew how special it was!
Worth: Invaluable; Tradable? No (graduation item)

Gem (Warmth Gem)
An amethyst gem carved into a tiny rose that's embedded in Quinn's upper ear cartilage. This gem can be "activated" to produce warmth, meaning that Tarquin can stay comfortable even in areas where a fire would not be wise, or cold, meaning that Tarquin can stay cool in hot areas.

Necklace (Illusion Pendant)
This pendant and wire-like thread it is suspended from are almost completely transparent; when laying against Quinn's flesh it makes that patch of skin a bit "foggy" or distorted (in other words, don't set this down somewhere silly, Quinn, or you'll never find it again! ;]). This pendant will allow Tarquin to temporarily change or disguise his appearance up to an hour a day. For example, this would allow Tarquin to temporarily take the guise of a woman, or to become a shadow!

Weapons (Paired Katanas)
The first katana is composed of a soft white metal (it seems almost insubstantial, like mist) and can be used to strike quickly, causing wounds without pain. The second is composed of dense black metal and moves more slowly; this katana heals minor wounds on Quinn after absorbing the blood of his enemies!

Machine (Mechanical Crow)
This creature looks like a normal crow, but has wings tipped in silver. This crow can scout fly ahead and gather information for Tarquin; it builds a sort of mental map, marking what it sees, what direction it is moving in, etc. and then sending the whole "package" back to Tarquin. His crow is currently in a "blank slate" state, meaning it has no obvious personality and relays everything - not just the stuff Tarquin would be interested in. Over time, Tarquin and the crow will get to know each other, allowing it to develop its own unique personality (how this manifests is up to Cas!) and understand Tarquin's needs/wants/commands better.

Kit (Needs Kit)
A small, nondescript black bag. While not much to look at on the outside, this bag actually has a lot to offer! Not only does it work like Hermione's bag in Harry Potter, allowing Tarquin to store all manner of belongings in it as he sees fit, but it will also respond directly to Quinn's needs. For example, if he's trying to travel at night, Quinn could put his hand into the bag and withdraw a torch or lantern to guild his way; if he was caught outside in a rainstorm, he could withdraw a waterproof poncho. It can even provide basic food and water (he won't be getting any five-star meals or fine wines out of it, but it'll keep him alive at least)! These items will last for about an IG week before disintegrating. He can withdraw items for his basic needs, but would not be able to pull new weapons, defensive items, or magical objects from the bag.

Unique Saddle (Foresight Saddle)
When using this saddle on Glowstick (or any other mount he may eventually acquire!), Quinn will be receive small glimpses of the immediate future when dangers or other obstacles stand in his path. For example, he might receive a vision that lets him know that if he continues on this path for 2 minutes he will risk being crushed by a falling tree. These visions are not infallible or perfect, but can at least help him to take more calculated risks!

Figurines (Feline Figurines)
Two tiny feline figurines (resemble his cheetah form a bit, just mini!). These figurines are composed of a tarnished silver and rather rough-cut, meaning they aren't likely to be stolen if seen. However, these figurines are tied to one another and therefore those who possess them are tied together. This means Tarquin could provide one figurine to his ward and keep the other for himself; by doing so he will have the ability to sense his ward's location and general wellbeing/health no matter where he may be. Though the figurines are typically inanimate, they will have the "instinct" to remain with the person they were given to. So, for example, if the figurine is discovered and thrown away by an attacker, the figurine will "reappear" inside the ward's pocket within seconds!

Watch (Inn Monitor)
This item allows Tarquin to, at a glance, tell the condition of his inn. There are three separate lights on this watch: one indicates the overall status of the inn (i.e. how popular it is, if the general opinion is positive, etc.); one indicates structural health of the inn; and the third indicates the health/wellbeing of his visitors.

Gem (Affliction Gem)
This gem allows Tarquin to sense ailments that may plague those who Tarquin comes into contact with! The gem is usually a light gray in colour and is no bigger than a fingernail - Quinn can choose how he wears it - set in a ring, necklace or bracelet - and the color of the gem will change depending on the type of ailment (player choice on how the color changes!) Hopefully this will help Tarquin with healing should he ever set up his own courtesan flock!

Pendant (Animal Calming Pendant)
Tarquin has been gifted an animal pendant made from oak, the oval shaped piece of wood is ornately carved with various animals and when worn allows Tarquin to emit a calming aura that soothes animals in his vicinity - hopefully making them a little easier to handle and train! The pendant isn’t foolproof and may not work on every animal Tarquin encounters, however, and it works based off of Tarquin’s emotions so you better keep a cool head, Tarquin!

Staff (Shepard's Staff)
Tarquin has earned himself a shepherd’s staff! This wooden staff has been enhanced to allow Tarquin to know the whereabouts and well-being of his ‘flock’ (his companion animals and any pets! Or a proper flock should he choose to embrace the herder life!) at any given moment simply by tapping it against the ground! This works by giving Tarquin a ‘sense’ of the direction of the members of his flock.

Emblem (Fire Emblem)
This can be implanted painlessly anywhere on the user's body and can give their skin a "fire shield" for up to 15 minutes.

Tooth (Werewolf Tooth)
Gives the user the ability to grow canine-like teeth on the full moon.

Token (Dream)
A small quarter sized token that will give Tarquin the ability to slip into another character’s dream 1x per RL month (with player permission).

Horn (Frozen)
This will give Tarquin the ability to freeze time for 5 minutes.

Certified Professions: Adventurer, Animal Trainer/Breeder, Assassin, Bodyguard, Courtesan, Courtesan Shepherd, Herder, Innkeeper, Mercenary, Musician, Painter, Ranger, Sculptor, Spy

Trained Warhorses --
- Glowstick (Male Perlino Akhal-Teke Horse) - Unique Features: Can softly glow at will.
- Solas (Male Palomino Akhal-Teke Horse)

Trained hunting birds --
- Macalla (Female Pale Gray and Charcoal Harpy Eagle)
- Eska (Female White Harpy Eagle) - Unique Features: Night Vision, color changing.

Trained messenger birds --
- Kier (Male Black Lahore Pigeon) - Unique Features: Blue eyes, floppy head crest.
- Eva (Female Red Lahore Pigeon)
- Keeva (Female Black Lahore Pigeon) - Unique Features: Blue Eyes, Floppy Crest.
- Kurre (Female Black Lahore Pigeon)
- Avis (Female Black Lahore Pigeon) - Unique Features: Blue Eyes.
- Ales (Female Red Lahore Pigeon)
- Avem (Male Black Lahore Pigeon)

Other --
- Briar (Female Dun Pack Mule) - Skills: Trained pack mule.
- Corcra (Male Lavender Jungle Corn Snake) - Unique Features: Gemstone shine, retractable fin growth.
- Cryhk (Male Striped Skunk) - Unique Features: Can change colors, can grow quills.
- Nika (Female Spotted Red on White Borzoi Dog) - Skills: Trained hunting hound.

The storm presses on and on, and Quinn had admitted faults in the confidence of the den; how he broke things in others, how he couldn't stop, didn't know how, probably wouldn't stop even if he ever did find out how to. That yes, being around Quinn was often a mistake. How many could attest to that truth? Quinn could make no promises. But he had more to offer than the idea of promises, and holding back was not a game he was currently willing to play. Quinn had made that known and let Vhetiveer glimpse the vicious corners of himself while grasping for the darker parts of Vhetiveer as well. There's a stillness to Quinn now as he holds to his bleeding throat, waiting for the wound to clot and slow.

He casts a glance to Vhetiveer when the words are spoken, watching the man tuck into the furs. "No worries, I am without that magic here." His gaze faulters, sways to the den walls for a moment. It hadn't been an accident, and he didn't think he needed to say anything more. This was the way things were; he'd made his sacrifices and he didn't feel like talking about it. Quinn settles back, fine with the invite to stay and sleep; pensive when Vhetiveer speaks of Ucal and how they would get the boy back somehow. Quinn didn't doubt it. If they wanted it bad enough, then they would find a way for it. Quinn didn't trust much of anything, to be sure, but he doesn't add any comments, already drifting to sleep.


Quinn sleeps like a rock, and there was no knowing what he dreamt of, because it was the kind that never lasted, that was gone as soon as it was done. Quinn would remember nothing of it, and perhaps that was for the best. Too much had happened in the time that Quinn had been in Knell, and feeling shut off for a little while as he slept was a kindness. One he probably did not deserve, but one nonetheless. In Knell, dream eaters were very real and well, though learning of all this would come later, not tonight, not here and now. Quinn sleeps long and hard, but there's wounding to heal, and his body is not what it used to be. He heals faster than some, sure, but he used to be able to heal in instants. No longer so.

He might have slept longer yet, but the twitching at his chest was what finally dragged him awake. He blinked blurrily at the sight of fuzzy ears being the culprit of waking him, feeling the rush of last night hitting him full force and suddenly he was very awake. Accepting, calm, but awake and prodding gently at his throat to see how the wound had faired during the night. Closed, sealed, but bruised and tender and feeling raw on the inside. Good enough; he'd survive. Quinn gazed at the rabbit from the corner of his eye, but for several minutes he doesn't move, doesn't disturb the smaller form against him. It's his stomach that complains first, and Quinn exhaled and let his fingertips run gently down Vhetibunny's back.

    • accepted >> -

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