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the harbor is teeming

with commerce and crime

haziel’s attachment had never been to her homeland. it was to those who had battled at her side, those who had guided her with confidence that had never wavered, and to the one who was at the heart of it all. blood relation had never mattered to the woman, but the camaraderie she had built with the others was the closest she ever wanted to get. she could recall with bemusement the betrayed looks on the faces of the pack when she was given the option to stay - and had left without another look back. she had wandered like a purposeless wraith, following behind the band of miscreants but never with them until word had reached her of lucifer’s new empire: malignant felicity.

she had not left immediately when the call to arms had come to them, instead watching her fellow warriors disperse. haziel had needed to make her peace before she left - her daggers had left tears in the fabric of her homeland with every throat they had ripped out. she had not returned to her former pack, instead dipping into their “graveyard”. the warrior had remained there for the night, sitting guard over the deceased in silence. settled, she had spent the next day resting to restore strength before she headed towards the new empire. even traveling by herself, she had not made quick timing - there was wretched flooding over many sections of terra that had slowed her down. nothing would keep this soldier from her ranks or from her general, and she had broken into blossom forest as the sun dared to stretch sleepy tendrils of pink and yellow into the sky.

peace did not fill haziel the moment she entered the peaceful land. quite the contrary, actually. restless tension flooded the woman as she set off for this malignant felicity, eager to lay eyes on the only wolves she cared for in the world. it had been weeks since she had last seen any of the others and much longer since she had seen lucifer, and she was more than ready to be situated amongst them once again. haziel cared not to pause and speak to any other, but she was forced to, piercing amber eyes keeping the young man pinned as she demanded the pathway to malignant. he had not been resistant and had pointed her in the right direction, creeping away with his tail between his legs. she had made quick work of the directions, her loping gait quickly bringing her to a path that bore the familiar scent of lucifer. it was still early when she stopped on the border, creams paws just touching the invisible territory line. she tipped her head back and released a short howl. it died away after a few long moments and the large woman fell silent, waiting impatiently for whoever decided to come and collect her.


adult | female | none born & none loved | lucifer’s warrior



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