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database/join board changes.

in the database and on the join board, the "defects" field has been renamed "physical and neuro-diversity" to acknowledge that many of the things we have been lumping into that field, such as autism and extraneous body parts, should not be called "defects". the kinds of things which will go into that field will remain the same, we're just renaming what the field is called.

on the join board, "sexuality" has also been renamed "sexual and romantic orientation" in acknowledgement of people whose sexual/romantic orientations are not aligned and of asexual people who may still experience romantic attraction.

on the join board, "skills" has also been added as a suggested field under "optional information".

for more information about any of these, there is a clickable pop-up on the join board above the forms which explains what should go into each field.

additionally, i am going to be going through and editing entries in the character database to look more like this. changes include:
- for parents/children, links to db entries.
- children re-ordered into order of birth, not alphabetically.
- children numbered and separated on different lines.
- the other parent is added for each child.
- powers and traits bullet pointed for ease of viewing.
- assigned items categorised and bullet pointed for ease of viewing.
- new field, "pets", with pets being moved from items to there.
- the ability for players add extraneous information to pets and items, e.g. a description of what an item looks like, sex/name/description of pet, etc.

to have your character entries updated to the new style, please post on updates with:
- the name of the character whose entry you wish to update
- any extraneous information you wish to add to pets or items. the kind of information you can add is up to you, but please keep it brief. if your descriptions are too lengthy they may be edited by admin to give just the key points.

all my characters have now been updated, so if you want some more examples, go look up some of mine :) zohar's pet pegasus is a good example of a pet description, russell's shows how items are categorised, and mallos' (obviously) shows how kids are laid out.

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