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major new item & db edit

A new field has been added to the database: "wings". This is where you can record the appearance of your characters' wings once they reach level 3 or up. Wings can have any appearance you like - butterfly, dragon, bat, feathered, fire, water, dragonfly, etc. The wings can also vary in size, so you could have insect wings the size of real insects' wings which are useless to your character.

On haven, you can now opt to request babies' wing appearances by giving the parents' wing appearances. This will only go into the DB when breeding if you request it when requesting stats; otherwise the field will be left blank to let you come up with your own.

If you would prefer for your character to not have wings, there is now an item to remove them. The Anti-Wing Potion was developed on Earth. It is currently fashionable on Earth for fairies to look like the deities; this potion was developed as part of that fashion trend. The potion stifles the growth of wings in characters under level 3, and causes existing wings to permanently drop off in characters over level 3. The effects are irreversible, so use wisely!

The Anti-Wing Potion is going into shops at 1,500$. However, for the next week (until sun 29 jul at midnight bst) only, you can purchase it for 500$ each so that you can remove wings from any existing characters if you want to. If your character isn't the type to remove their own wings but you want them gone, you can use the following event: Since the arrival of the Anti-Wing Potion on Shaman, a group of prankster fairies have been contaminating drinks supplies with it. Many fairies across Shaman have fallen victim and had their wings drop off.

Please post on the updates board to update your database entries with wing appearances and/or pay to have your wings removed. I know there are a number of us who for some characters have preferred to ignore the wings feature; this option to remove wings has now been added specifically to benefit those characters, so please use the next week to decide if you would like your character to have wings or not and submit your updates accordingly.

Please also be aware that characters can remove their wings for free at any time by having them amputated (or even cut off in battle).

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