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7 new pets added to shops

Alicorn – A winged unicorn. No associated magic. Can be used as a mount. – 1,5k

Dumorph – A tame animal which can shift between any two ordinary Earth animals (e.g. a cat can shift into a dog and back). – 600

Trimorph – A tame animal which can shift between any three ordinary Earth animals (e.g. a cat can shift into a dog or a fox and back). – 800

Chamrosh – An animal with the body of a dog and the head and wings of a bird. Not big enough to be a mount. - 800

Colocolo – A snake or lizard with a rat’s head. The colocolo feeds on fairy saliva; when it consumes the saliva of a person, it makes that person tired. If it consumes too much saliva from one person, it can kill them. – 1k

Underwater Panther – An animal with the body of a wild cat (e.g. lynx, cougar) covered in scales and sometimes feathers, with the horns of a deer or bison and spines along the back. These animals can breathe underwater. – 1k

Gulon – This glutinous creature is about the size and shape of a dog with the thick coat and fur of a fox and the head, ears and claws of a cat. The gulon lives to eat; it kills, gorges itself until swollen, then squeezes between two trees to push the meat through its body so it can repeat the process. – 1k

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