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activity contest returns!

Activity Contest
The return of the activity contest!

In this activity contest, you can earn badgers just by posting IC. For every 100 words you write, you earn 1 badger. You can combine post totals to make badgers, so if you write a post with 270 words and another with 530, you can claim 8 badgers.

If you use the Round-Up board IC (i.e. to do a speed thread), then these posts count too. If you are just using it to work something out or send a letter etc between characters, however, then it doesn’t count.

You can track your belugas on your shmancy new bank pages.

When the activity contest is up, you will be able to trade in your badgers for fun prizes! These will be announced at the end of the contest.

Because this is also a contest, there are also grand prizes for the biggest badger-catchers!

Badger Kween
1x Baby Coupon item
+100 points

Badger Wrangler
1x Familiar Trait
+50 points

Contest begins today (17th August) and ends 30th September at midnight British time.

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