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I Am Your Butterfly

 photo PicsArt_04-18-10.07.14_zps6pdze9tg.jpg
I Am Your Butterfly

She drempt vividly of her parents, her family blood staining their kingdom. There were soldiers screaming battle cries outside her makeshift barrier out of her den. A large rock covered the entrance. She could hear the enemies pushing and pulling, grunting as they tried to free her. She looked through the darkness to try and find Olya but she was gone. The bolder shifted on top of the earth and as soon as it was moved and the light shined through there was dead silence. Out of the blinding white light came the wolf of her nightmares, a large dark kalak snapping it's jaws at her, tackling her.

That's when she woke up, screaming as her tiny figure coward backwards in the snow from the being before her. When she finally stopped, she realized this wasn't her nightmare. This wasn't even her kind. She had never seen a wolf like her, pure white, with black markings like no other. Her pitch black orbs widened at the sight as the woman spoke to her. “Oh, but aren’t YOU a gorgeous sight?” Her audits perked up to the fae. "Th-Thank you, miss." She said in her usual high pitched voice, still weary.

"Mistress Lillith!" Olyas voice rang in her head as her handmaiden came between her and the odd woman. "Olya, she means no harm." She gave a soft smile to her friend, then looked back to the woman. "If you don't mind me asking, love, who and what are you? We've never seen your kind before." She said, standing up straight and adjusting her proper posture. She gave a soft giggle. Ah! And where are my manners. I'm Pri-" She stopped in her tracks, and faked a cough. "I'm Lilith. And this is my handmaiden, Olya."

"I need your protection."

Be My Samurai

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