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This post may contain swearing and adult themes.

you canít argue with popularity;
well you could,
but youíd be wrong.

He takes his time answering my question and Iím worried. Like, seriously worried. Come on, man, donít you understand how important this is to me? But finally he does tell me, and he only gives me a nine. NINE? I mean, even if my hair was full of unmentionable atrocities, it would be worth at least a nine-point-five.
But maybe he is so overwhelmed at my hair that he doesnít know what to say.
I make a note to check it as soon as possible though.
Just to be on the safe side.

I nonchalantly run one hand through said hair (while simultaneously checking for any obvious hair-disasters), while I watch Quinn for any trickery across his face. Heís probably having me on. Whereís Perry; he would tell me. Possibly. Maybe we should move past this, because literally no-one wants to read more about Draco and his bloody hair.
"So, what are you doing here?" I ask, because we may be together a while (my fans donít like to move away too quickly), and Iíve been told (numerous times) that apparently everything is not all about me and I should find things out about other people. Iím not 100% sure this is true, as actually everything pretty much is about me, but we shall entertain the notion.

Thereís been a lot of drama here, recently, in the Castle - I have no idea what itís about, as I pay attention only to things that involve me (pretty much everything, as has been noted, but only interesting things, not boring Castle drama), but perhaps Quinn is more involved than I am and actually knows whatís happening, and maybe he can weave the yarn in such a way that I care? Big ask, maybe, but he might give it a go.
For teh lulz.

its draco, baby
if you want my body, and you think iím sexy,
come on, sugar, let me know.


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