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omniety has returned!


(up on impetus)

for the benefit of players who have not participated in omniety before, this is the biggest contest of the year. omniety is held annually, traditionally on shaman's birthday in march, although in recent years it has moved to the summer. this is the best opportunity for character development all year.

omniety consists of two rounds. anyone can participate in the first round with any number of characters. the first round is generally a freeform creativity round with a particular theme or mission. judges will be looking for quality of writing, character development and creativity in entries. there is always an internal judge who knows the characters and an external judge who doesn't to provide different perspectives.

a small number of participants then go through to the second round, which is the same every year. in the same round, participants will each forcibly possess a deity and, for a limited time, have access to that deity's divine magic.

at the end of round two, a single victor is decided and receives a very special prize in the form of an expensive/extreme/unique power. previous omniety prizes have included divine virus manipulation, hypnosis, unlimited shapeshifting and zombification. the victor also receives immense bragging rights ic, since omniety is an ic phenomenon which only occurs once every 7 or so in-game years. in round two, judges typically look for how characters make use of their newfound power and again, character development and creativity.

merlin is running omniety this year so any questions should be fielded to her.

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