-- no we ain't ever getting older - " />
-- no we ain't ever getting older

Caldera was pointing across the lawn to a small side door of the castle and explained that the entrance was the quickest way to the kitchens. Ithiel wasn't bothered with using the servant only entrance at all, because the faster that Ithiel could get there and get the situation with the crops over with, then They could go and buy Caldera a drink. Ithiel gave her a smile and dip of the head. "Thanks. Until later." And They waved and started off toward the door on the other side of the lawn. Ithiel wasn't exactly sure what to expect for that drink, so that only had Ithiel's mind racing on all the ways that things could go wrong. It was all possible, and this wasn't something that They couls screw up. They just couldn't.

There was no room for failure, and that had Ithy feeling all kinds of uncomfortable. They wouldn't show it, and They were able to go over the crop list in the kitchen with the head chef, discussing what would be needed and making notes on what all was needed and when. With that done, Ithiel had to take a detour to grab an item that They wasn't sure if they would need. Maybe it would help out, or maybe Ithiel wouldn't need it, but in this case, a backup was helpful and not something that Ithiel felt that They could go without. Not when the twin was on the line like this. Ithiel had to push down the discomfort of the situation and the fact that They had to say things that might not be true. The whole thing was a struggle.

Everything getting said and done left Ithiel a little late, but there was that one problem with not being sure where to meet Caldera. Ithiel had gone back to where They had met her, and then asked around and was directed towards the mess hall. With that being the case, Ithiel managed to get there without further complication, spotting Caldera sitting on the low wall. Ithiel had a bright smile and warm gaze when They leaned a hip at the low wall next to Caldera. "Sorry I'm late, though it looks like you've started without me." But Ithiel's tone was cheerful, body language just saying that They were happy to be here right now. "How was work?" Ithiel appeared to be interested in the answer, and was trying to see what kind of mood Caldera was currently in.

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