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changes to impetus

based on player feedback, we've made some changes to how the impetus board works. these are given in detail on the board itself, but here's a run-down.

the new style exploration catalysts are continuing as they are with two changes. there are now no longer consolation prizes, so explorations may turn up nothing. this makes them a kind of "risk" catalyst. we have also brought back exploration durations. basically, this explains how long a character's explore lasts for and limits how frequently they can explore. each prompt within an exploration thread lasts 3 days, so a character who completes 4 prompts cannot request another exploration thread for 12 days.

we have also made a clearer distinction between inspiration prompts and for-prize prompts. we want the impetus board to be a booster for people when they're down on muse or are stuck with a thread, and we understand people don't always want prizes for completing prompts. with that in mind, "inspiration prompts" can be requested at any time by anyone and issued by anyone. these prompts don't give prizes, just a gentle boost to get you started with your writing.

for those times when you're looking to do quests for prizes, players can also request two for-prize prompt threads per month (a total of 10 prompts overall, since each thread may contain 5 prompts). this will work based on the old impetus prize grid.

quests and jobs will continue to be posted on the board by staff.

for more info, see the impetus board itself<3

feedback welcome as always, especially on how to build on and improve the new exploration catalyst.

thanks everyone who inputted ideas!


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