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you are invited

You are cordially invited to the Castle to celebrate the marriage of King Mordred and Queen Gaiaine.

There will be entertainments spread throughout the great hall and grounds all evening, and a buffet open to all guests.

Dress code is formal.

We look forwards to receiving you,

Warmest regards,
King Mordred.


All right folks, here's a quick rundown.

This event is similar to others we've had in the past (think of the Yule Ball from way back when, and more recently Tristan's birthday bash and the halloween party). As the invitation suggests its a Shaman-wide party. All characters can join in if they would like to (or if they get dragged along by a friend.)

Just be aware that its probably a bit of a risky venture for any outlaws or pirates out there! Proceed at your peril...and in disguise! There will be guards!

You can post anywhere on the castle board, just include [party] or something similar in your subject lines so we all know which threads belong to the event!

The event will last for 2 weeks, until the 17th of September. You are of course welcome to finish off any party threads you may have started after this date.

Its a good opportunity for characters to meet others they might not usually come in contact with - so have fun!

If you have any burning questions grab merlin on chat or on discord!

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