one track mind, like a gold fish

Danny shook his head at Cal's question, his lips twitching a little as his mind followed the same path as Cal's. Cal was great, but she... wasn't exactly diplomat material, was she? I mean, what would she do if she had to work with wolves or something? Flynn had explained that wolves were serious predators in Cal's world, and she'd seemed to sort of get a bit used to the ones here but that didn't mean she'd like them. Denahi was probably the closest thing to one she'd seen a lot of, and he was just a big silly ball of floof!

"Nah, I don't think so. I mean, last year, this lady named Bohdi was Tsi, and..." Danny shook his head. "I just recently helped her deliver twins, and all I can say is 'poor Tsi'."

Sol arrived soon after with a tip - after he'd been calmed down - about where to find Buddy. The tiger laughed at Cal's comment about telling Buddy; he didn't think Buddy would mind too much since he had been lurking rather pathetically behind a tree (at least, that's what it had looked like to Sol when he'd dashed past on his way to find Danny).

"Hmmm!" Sol said thoughtfully, at Cal's question. His long thin tail twitched as he pondered his options. "Prolly blow stuff up, man! OH HEY! You could totally do fireworks! There's that Halloween festival stuff! I bet Lorraine's magic would make real pretty fireworks!! We could have a party and you could blow stuff up and it'd be awesome!"

"For a coward, you sure are obsessed with explosions," Danny said, rolling his eyes. "Hey, is that Buddy?"

Danny lifted a hand as they reached the edge of the forest, spotting to a distinctly horse-shaped silhouette nearby. It could have been Dragon - she preferred to roam at least a few days of the week - but...


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